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Xnspy Review Xnspy Review
Xnspy is a cell phone monitoring and spy app for Android phones, iPhones, and iPads. This monitoring software has been available on... Xnspy Review

Xnspy is a cell phone monitoring and spy app for Android phones, iPhones, and iPads. This monitoring software has been available on the market for quite some time and is advertised to be used by parents, employers, and schools. Throughout their site, they emphasize six main benefits of using their product, including:

    • Using the monitoring app to help protect children from cyberbullying and other online threats.
    • That their app is very affordable when you look closer at the features and functionality included. 
    • The ability to remotely lock, take a screenshot, and wipe the date of the target device. 
    • Set and receive alerts for specific keywords, people, and places. 
    • Frequent reports containing the top five callers and call duration and the top 10 most visited websites on the target phone. 
    • Offline location tracking can help users view a device’s real-time location. 

Despite the many benefits they highlight and promote, customers beg to differ. On Sitejabber, about 89 reviews out of the 258 reviews are 1-star. Also, many of the reviews are fake or soliciting something (for all star ratings). Of those legitimate reviews, it’s clear that Xnspy lacks the following:

    • Unreliable customer support that often doesn’t reply or provides generic answers. 
    • The features don’t work as described, specifically the call recording, sound recording, and text messaging monitoring. In general, the data extraction process is slow. 
    • Their refund policy only allows refunds within 10 days of the purchase. 

We also came across Xnspy reviews by PCMag, and they noted several problems with the mobile spy app including:

    • No screen time or internet controls.
    • Access to view some third-party apps does require rooting or jailbreaking. 
    • The app usability is difficult when trying to view the extracted data. 

Along with these negative reviews, Xnspy is more expensive than other spy apps on the market. For a monthly rate, the XNSPY Basic Edition regularly costs $49.99 and the XNSPY Premium Edition costs $59.99. Compared to the cell phone spy app Auto Forward (which we highly recommend), Auto Forward is the clear winner with its one-time payment options of $29.99 or $69.99. 

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How Does Xnspy Work? 

Xnspy review how it work

Xnspy works by going through the three steps pictured above. First, you need to choose and purchase the best Xnspy option for you. Then, you need to follow the process to install Xnspy on the target iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The installation process does differ depending on the target device type. After installation, the data from the target device will automatically be uploaded to your Xnspy dashboard which is accessible online. 


What Are The Main Xnspy Features? 

    • Phone Call Monitoring: View the target phone’s call logs including call duration and time, and contacts. 
    • Message Monitoring: View sent and received texts and private messaging apps including Facebook Messenger, Kik, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Line, and more. 
    • Location Tracking: View the target device’s real-time location, and monitor and set alerts for specific locations. 
    • Monitor Online Activities: Emails, browsing history, set keyword alerts, and view Wi-Fi history. 
    • Recording: Record phone calls and the target device’s surroundings. 


Is It Legal To Use Xnspy? 

Yes and no. Xnspy can be used legally as long as it is only used by parents to monitor their children younger than 18 years old or by employers looking to monitor their employees’ company-owned devices with permission. 

However, as listed on Xnspy’s site, they do include some questionable features, mainly the call and surroundings sound recordings. Most other cell phone spy apps have removed these features as it has been deemed illegal in the United States to record someone’s phone calls. 


Is Xnspy The Best Spy App? 

From our experience reviewing and testing various cell phone spy apps on the market, including Xnspy, we don’t believe this is the best option out there. Yes, it does include the necessary spying features, but some features are legally questionable. Also, as the customer reviews note, the customer support is poor, app usability is difficult, and it is more expensive than the other options. Instead, we recommend you opt for Auto Forward for your Android phone, iPhone, and iPad monitoring needs. 

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