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Would You Spy On Your Boyfriend’s Phone? Would You Spy On Your Boyfriend’s Phone?

Would You Spy On Your Boyfriend’s Phone?

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Relationships are meant to be built not just on love, but on trust and respect Would You Spy On Your Boyfriend’s Phone?

Relationships are meant to be built not just on love, but on trust and respect as well. Most of the time, in exchange for willingly entrusting them their privacy, you’ll get their loyalty on a silver platter. However, not any single relationship is perfect.

If you have a boyfriend you don’t truly trust, there can be several tempting instances to check out their cell phone just to put your mind at ease. You may even resort to remotely spying on their text messages without having the phone to discreetly view and monitor their phone use. Let’s dig deeper into this issue.


Common Triggers of Curiosity

The need to spy on your boyfriend’s phone will certainly arise at some point in your relationship. Let us understand further what could possibly trigger this curiosity.

Cold Treatment

When you notice a sudden change of behavior like he seems to not care or pay attention that much anymore, you’ll instantly think something’s wrong. Your boyfriend showing a loss of interest could result in you thinking that there’s a third-party involved. Even if you are making an effort to engage with him, he seems to be giving you the cold treatment.

Making Excuses

One of the key signs something is wrong in your relationship is if your boyfriend is constantly making excuses to get out of the following situations:

    • Go on a date with you. 
    • Visit your parents.
    • Hang out with you and your friends.

Excuses he may use include having to work late, hanging out with the guys, or that he’s not feeling well. If these excuses mount up to the point of being ridiculous, this is cause for concern. 

Exaggerated Sweetness

This is the opposite of cold treatment, especially if you know your partner is not naturally showy. Women usually interpret men being way sweeter than normal as them trying to cover their tracks or hide something. Hence, such odd behavior could trigger anyone looks into the matter further. 

Heightened 6th Sense 

They say that a woman’s intuition is never wrong. This is why it’s referred to as their “6th sense”. Whatever the reason may be, like a lack of communication, intimacy problems, or same old trust issues, there’s almost always no way of stopping a woman from digging further when she “sensed” something. Sometimes the only way to satisfy a woman’s intuition is a concrete and full confession or clear cut evidence. 


You Could, But Would You?

If you’d ask relationship psychologists or therapists, most of them would say that it’s never a great idea snoop on your boyfriend. Not only you are intruding on his privacy, but you are also betraying his trust and confidence. Sure, it only takes a few minutes to install the app on his device, but it could also take the same few minutes to ruin your relationship and everything you’ve built together.

The best phone spy apps probably deserve a spot on the top list of the greatest technology inventions or advancements, and there’s nothing wrong about using one. Most of these are actually helpful in ensuring the safety of any iPhone or Android phones, as well as personal and confidential data. 

However, since the phone is your boyfriend’s, then you might want to think things through first. Weigh all possible factors. If it’s a mutual understanding, then all is well. However, if it’s just because of a sheer intuition or a mere hunch, then take a step back before you put everything at risk. Sometimes, emotions block rational and logical thinking. 

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