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Is It Worth Doing A Free Public Records Search? Is It Worth Doing A Free Public Records Search?

Is It Worth Doing A Free Public Records Search?

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It’s unfortunate, but people aren’t always honest about who they are. Everyone’s heard a catfishing story, or about an employee lying... Is It Worth Doing A Free Public Records Search?

It’s unfortunate, but people aren’t always honest about who they are. Everyone’s heard a catfishing story, or about an employee lying about themselves to secure a job. There are times when you just need more information about someone. A free public records search gives you access to public information on anyone you wish to look up. Is it worth it? That depends on how well informed you want to be about the people you do business with.

What Is A Free Public Record Search

Similar to a Reverse Phone Number Public Directory Search, a public records search gathers information about a person and delivers it in one place. Normally, someone would have to go to many different places to gather the same information presented to you in one report. This includes visiting courthouses and record offices and hand sorting through hundreds of files. Search results will include basic contact information, like phone numbers and addresses, as well as criminal records, and any professional licenses. 

Are All Searches The Same?

Laws vary from state to state. Where you live will determine what you’ll find. For example, Colorado allows unrestricted access to adoption records while New York allows biological parents to remain anonymous. Look up your specific state laws to know what your search may yield.

What You’ll Find

All information is public record. Here’s what you may find.

Contact information

  • Full name
  • Birthdate
  • Current and previous addresses
  • Potential and known relatives
  • Phone numbers
  • Social media profiles

Criminal Records

  • Arrests
  • Convictions
  • Alias
  • Traffic violations


  • Concealed weapon permit
  • Professional licenses
  • Hunting license
  • Driver’s license
  • Marriage license
  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce records

Who Should You Search For?

There really isn’t a wrong answer as to who you should search. All information is public and legally obtained. Whoever you feel you deserve more information on is who you can search. That being said, there are instances where obtaining public records on someone would be more important than others. Here is when a search is highly recommended.

Future Employee

Good help is hard to find. You want to know that the person you’re hiring is who they say they are. You only want someone who is a good fit for your company. By searching for someone’s background information, you’re protecting yourself, your employees, and company from harm. This is especially important if that employee will be handling important property, or sensitive equipment. This is true for whatever capacity they work for you. Even the kid who mows your lawn could be an international garden gnome thief.


They technically are a type of employee. However, the fact that they will be dealing with your children deserves reemphasizing. We trust babysitters with the responsibility of guarding our most precious assets. They will be spending numerous hours alone, watching your children, in your home with everything you own. Even if they come recommended, rest assured knowing they’re someone you can trust. A quick, free online search won’t harm anything.

Online Date

You just never know. It’s so easy for people to misrepresent themselves on the internet. Catfishing stories are not unheard of. That perfect profile could be a front. Get the dirt before you spend hours with a person. And If the search yields no dirt? That’s great news. You’ll be more relaxed and comfortable when you meet your date. Online dating is one of the most common ways for people to get together these days. If you’re single, chances are you’ve tried online dating or will in the future. Have they been arrested? Are they a sex offender? Having the ability to search for someone’s background takes some of the danger out of this common practice.

Prospective Business Partners

It would be great if every person that shook your hand was honest about who they are. If money is going to be trading hands, it’s best to know exactly who you’re doing business with. Many automated transactions take place between businesses. The convenience is ruined if you need to personally check up on every one. Being able to trust your associates leads to better overall business.


The information is public and legally obtained. Doing a background search doesn’t invade someone’s privacy. If the information is useful to you, you have every right to obtain it. It doesn’t hurt to be well informed about the people you deal with on a regular basis.


So is a free public records search worth it? That’s really up to you. A quick search could yield surprising results. Ultimately, there’s only one way to find out for sure.

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