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Who Are My Neighbors? Here’s How To Find Out!

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  Whether you just moved to a new place, or have been living in the same...

See Who Your Neighbor Is!


Whether you just moved to a new place, or have been living in the same one for 30 years, chances are you have bad neighbors. Most people do. The kind who nitpick when your lawn is filled with leaves, or when your dog poops on the street (even if you pick it up.) However, are these neighbors truly bad? Are they possibly hiding something criminal they don’t want anyone to know about?

Below, we detail how you can answer the question, who are my neighbors?  

How To Find Out: Who Are My Neighbors?

who are my neighbors

Are you snooping on your neighbors?


The best way to find out “who are my neighbors?”, is by running a background check on them. A service we often use and highly recommend is Kiwi Searches. The process of how to find out who your neighbors are is detailed below, and was done using this service.

  • Step 1: Visit

  • Step 2: Enter your neighbor’s full name into the person search bar on the site or in the box below.

Search Your Neighbor


  • Step 3: Click “Search” or the search icon.

  • Step 4: Sit back while Kiwi Searches gathers your neighbor’s information.

  • Step 5: View your neighbor’s background check report.

On your background check report, you may see information about your neighbor, such as their past and current address, siblings, phone number, criminal history, financial history, properties owned, and much more.

How To Deal With Bad Neighbors

Even if your neighbor turns out not to be criminal, it doesn’t necessarily make them a good neighbor either. So, how can you deal with them? Here are some helpful tips on how to deal with bad neighbors.

1. If There’s A Problem, Communicate It Nicely To Them

The best way to first deal with a bad neighbor is to be nice to them. If there’s a problem you want to bring to their attention, calmly talk to them about it to see if you can come to a resolution. However, if your neighbor is truly bad, they may not cooperate and this method will not work on them.

2. Offer To Help Them

Sometimes, bad neighbors respond well to helpful gestures. You could make a meal for your neighbor, offer to help clean their lawn, or maybe pet sit their dog. If you do a good job, they’ll appreciate it and maybe act kinder towards you in the future.

3. Get To Know Them Before You Judge Them

Before you mark your neighbor as truly bad, try to get to know them. See if they have any children, grandchildren, etc. What do they like to do in their spare time? By getting to know them, you may uncover the true reason why they aren’t nice.  

4. If They’re Breaking The Law, Document And Report It

Catching your neighbor breaking the law takes being a bad neighbor to a whole new level. If you see them doing an unlawful action, document it and report it to the proper authorities. As part of a community, it’s your job to protect your family and others living in the area.

So, that’s how you can answer the question, “who are my neighbors?”. Maybe a neighbor you thought was bad news actually isn’t. Remember, don’t judge a book by its cover, and give your neighbor a chance before marking them as being bad.

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