Best Cell Phone Spy Apps
What Parents Are Really Saying About Remote Cell Phone Monitoring

There are so many monitoring software programs for mobile devices today that are helping parents in their modern parenting ways, and one of the most advanced are cell phone listening devices. Who would have thought you can use someone else’s smartphone to sneak a peek at a phone’s location? Impressive, right? But do we really have the need for this kind of technology?

These software programs, some of which are Auto Forward and Highster Mobile, are known for all the good things they allow parents to do, specifically when it comes to protecting children. And they can do all these remotely, which helps in maximizing the available time they have on their hands. It’s multitasking at its best.

But advanced features of monitoring apps can be a little too overwhelming, no matter how helpful they may be. And what are these cell phone spy software that we need to be aware of?

Most Common Features of Spy Apps

  1. It gives parents access to text and app messages, even if they are already deleted, and enables them to screen suspicious contacts.
  2. It gives access to social media pages, apps, online games and more in order to view activities in these platforms.
  3. It allows GPS tracking to know the whereabouts of the target phone user.
  4. It can view emails, call logs, contacts, and videos and images saved on the target phone.
  5. It can let parents view the websites and other online activities that children do.

Advanced Features of Spy Apps

  1. It uses over-the-air (OTA) technology for easy download and installation, eliminating the need for actual touching of the target phone.
  2. It allows parents to set restrictions on cell phone use and notifies them if any attempt to access prohibited sites, apps, or other actions are made.
  3. The target phone’s camera and microphone can be controlled in order for parents to see and hear what is happening around the other device.
  4. It can completely block the use of a mobile device if the need arises.

These features are indeed impressive. Some of these we have only seen in detective or spy movies. The advancement of technology has definitely taken some huge leaps. And we are not complaining.

However, no matter how grateful parents may seem with the benefits they are getting from cell phone monitoring software, there are still some things that the top users of spy apps are saying that everyone needs to hear. And not all of it is positive, unfortunately.

Positive Feedback On Cell Phone Spy Apps

  1. It keeps children safe from digital dangers like sexual predators online, (especially on social media platforms and online games), because parents will be able to see their children’s online activities.
  2. Children can be protected from harmful people that can be found online such as cyberbullies and scammers.
  3. Dangerous people who try to get to children through text messages and calls can be discovered and immediately blocked.
  4. It helps parents shield their children from negative content, including violence and pornography that are easily searched for on the web.
  5. Problems that children are going through, but won’t share with others, will be revealed, and parents can find effective ways to help them. This is very helpful for children who suffer from anxiety and depression.
  6. Cell phone and social media addiction can be prevented.
  7. The harmful health effects of using mobile devices can be effectively avoided by setting limits and monitoring. 
  8. Children who are lost or have found themselves in dangerous places and situations can be searched for easily through GPS tracking. This goes the same when mobile devices are lost or stolen.
  9. It allows parents to multitask and maximize their time by remotely checking on their children to make sure they are okay while doing errands or household chores, or even while enjoying some “me time” alone.

Negative Feedback On Spy Apps

  1. It causes feelings of anger and resentment in children towards their parents because they feel that their privacy is being violated.
  2. It leads children to become more secretive and isolate themselves from their family members.
  3. Children tend to become more rebellious and act out so that parents will lift their restrictions and stop the use of monitoring apps.
  4. Sometimes, children will purposefully seek out what is prohibited or the dangers of cell phone use and the internet to make their parents see that their monitoring is not working, or, simply, just to spite them.
  5. It causes a rift between parents and children, where trust becomes a major issue and the reason for their relationship to fall.

No matter how many negative things people may say about cell phone monitoring software, parents are still continuing to use it because of the safety and protection these tools give their children.

And when we focus on the good things, the bad things don’t really seem bad. They are mostly emotional and psychological effects on the children, which are completely avoidable. As long as parents and other spy app users know how to manage these tools and use them responsibly, children and the target phone owners will agree that monitoring software use is all for the best.

So, heads up Moms and Dads. Know that the best thing parents need to do before using cell phone monitoring apps is to educate children about the things that their mobile devices are capable of doing: the benefits and drawbacks, especially the dangers that they are exposed to when they start using such technology.

And of course, letting children know about the monitoring app and how you will use it on their devices is crucial in order to prevent the negative effects that your decision to track their cell phone use bring.

These and your own knowledge about spy apps and how to use them responsibly will optimize the benefits these helpful tools offer. So, make sure you visit Best Cell Phone Spy Apps and get more information on these software.