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What Messaging Apps Are Like Kik? What Messaging Apps Are Like Kik?

What Messaging Apps Are Like Kik?

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Being one of the newest forms of communication, instant messaging is undeniably becoming more and more popular due to the convenience that... What Messaging Apps Are Like Kik?

Being one of the newest forms of communication, instant messaging is undeniably becoming more and more popular due to the convenience that it can offer. Popular messaging apps continue to evolve to cater to its billions of users, offering awesome features and amazing security.

Kik is one of the pioneer instant messaging apps that can offer security, privacy, and reliability. Unfortunately, it has become a den of suspicious and spam accounts due to the anonymity it provides, marring its reputation and destroying users’ trust. Despite the several criminal cases filed against its developers and the app straying from the limelight, Kik continues to survive the industry.

However, if you’re one of those affected users, or if you’re simply looking for similar apps to Kik for yourself, family, or friends, we listed below alternatives for you.

Alternatives To Kik: Best For Security and Privacy

Kik easily acquired the throne due to the security and privacy features it offers. If you’re focused on these attributes, here are other messaging services you can choose from.


Signal private messenger boasts high-level privacy and top-grade security due to its military-grade encryption. It features a timer that can automatically delete messages. This open-source app does not collect and store user data.


Telegram has a Secret Chat feature where messages automatically self-destruct from all participating devices. Telegram provides tight security protocols which include end-to-end encryption, passcode lock, two-step verification, remote logout, and account self-destruct. Its developers run a Telegram Cracking Contest, challenging hackers to break through their encryption and to decipher messages with a $300,000 reward. By holding this contest, they can further improve the app’s security. 


Dust conversations are heavily encrypted. The main purpose of this messaging platform is to allow users to send messages or share files which are referred to as “Dusts”. The app has an “Auto Dust” feature where you set messages to be permanently erased within 24 hours or 100 seconds after being read. It also sends notifications in case someone takes a screenshot of your messages.


Viber is acknowledged as a fast, reliable, and secure messaging/calling app tied to the user’s phone number. All communications are end-to-end encrypted with keys only stored on user devices. It also offers “Secret Chats” that automatically destroy messages.

Wickr Me

Wickr Me doesn’t store metadata from conversations, and it doesn’t access messages or contacts. It allows users to set expiration dates on their communications. App security features include end-to-end encryption, screenshot detection, screen overlay protection, third-party keyboards blocking, and secure shredder.


Alternatives To Kik: Best User Interface and Features

If you’re looking for a user-friendly interface or cool features, here are the messaging mobile apps for you!


WhatsApp features a smooth and easy interface with various unique features. This ads-free messaging app boasts built-in emojis, memes, and GIFs, making chatting fun and exciting. It also has pre-made responses like “I’m busy”  or “My battery is about to die.” However, this app has had some trouble in the past with its security such as the Pegasus Spyware incident


Aside from chatting, WeChat features video and voice calling. Though it offers a simple layout that’s easy to use, it has a rich directory of free stickers, emojis, and GIFs. Additionally, WeChat has a feature that lets users shake their mobile devices to find and connect with new friends. 


Real-time timeline updates, free international texting/calling, reliable group chats, and instant photo sharing – Line is inarguably an amazing app. It offers unique emoticons, expressive emojis, and customized stickers.

Google Hangouts

Being tied to Google account, Hangouts is favored by most business owners and professionals. Its straightforward approach and clean design keep conversations professional and efficient. This is the ideal app for business virtual meetings and video conferences. It offers a customizable profile for a more personalized experience. 

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the widely-used messaging apps all across the globe. The constantly streamlined interface offers a simple and fast experience. One can send a private message directly, or create a group for a more convenient and efficient chatting and video calling. The app offers various premium features like fun games and cool video filters. By connecting it with your Facebook account, you can more easily message your Facebook friends.


Alternatives To Kik: For Dating and Sexting

Kik is well-known for its anonymity, and several people use this chat app for online dating or sexting. If you’re looking for a similar app with better security and safety, here are some suggestions.


Snapchat is a social media app that allows users to send messages, Snaps, photos, videos, links, and more to friends and strangers. The app automatically deletes stories, private messages, photos and videos. Since it’s diligent on erasing tracks, it’s a safe option for sexting someone. Users also like the various filters that can be applied to videos and photos. 


Hinge provides a platform where individuals can show off their personality and meet someone who shares their interests. This app is designed to offer in-depth conversations based on shared interests, opinions, and lifestyles. It’s safe and easy to use; as its developers put it, this app is designed to be deleted.


BeNaughty is a free dating app that features private messaging which is perfect for single people sexting and dating. Users can send text messages to anyone online. This app can turn a casual conversation with a stranger into a real-life and serious romantic relationship.


Blendr is a great choice for both meaningful dating and safe sexting. The app uses geographical data to match people, helping them to chat, get to know each other, and eventually meet in person. The app’s “Encounters” and “People Nearby” function both offer a convenient way to look and hang out with a match. It has a modern and aesthetically pleasing design. 


Tinder has become a household name when it comes to online dating. The app uses GPS-based and swipe-matching technology. As soon as you’ve built the perfect profile, you can start swiping to generate mutual matches that would lead to sexy conversations and hookups. It’s a haven for sensual voice messages or explicit video chats.

Social media platforms are designed for users who wish to create online reputations, share insights, or virtually catch up and hang out with one another. Whether you use messaging apps to casually converse with friends and relatives or to spice up your sex life, it’s recommended that you observe some messaging etiquette

Mobile devices are powerful tools for convenient communication, but they are not immune to cyber threats. Always proceed with extreme caution when installing and using any third-party apps.

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