What Is the Best Way to Discipline a Child?

text spy Android.jpgThere are several styles of parenting that we often see around us, and one of the most controversial ones is the permissive parenting style. This style of parenting is extremely relaxed and in which parents are very nurturing, warm, and affectionate. Now one might wonder if these parents even consider monitoring their kids using an app to spy on texts.

What Parents with Permissive Parenting Style Do

Basically, parents who use this style of parenting believe that their kids are capable of making their own decisions, and that they need little parental guidance. Such parents also place very few demands, restrictions, and rules upon their kids. They do this in order to avoid arguments with their children. It is common for parents also to control their children using bribery. They give toys, gifts and other stuff to make their children follow them.

What Are the Effects of This Parenting Style to Children?

According to studies, children of parents using a permissive style have the following traits:

  • They are likely to not have self-discipline.
  • They often become demanding and self-centered.
  • They tend to clash with authority.
  • They are likely to be aggressive.
  • They are likely to engage in drinking alcohol at a young age.

Why Do Parents Use This Approach?

There are various reasons why parents use the permissive parenting style. Some parents use it because they were raised by extremely controlling parents so they decide to raise their own kids the opposite way. Meanwhile, other parents have a more laid back attitude even when it comes to parenting their children. They are not likely to consider using any tool for monitoring cell phones and their children’s online activity.

In general, parents with this style of parenting don’t think that having a structure is vital in parenting. It is also their belief that setting restrictions and rules will just upset their children. Thus, they give in to what their kids want in order to avoid having any conflict with them.

How Should Children Be Guided?

The affectionate and warm aspect of a permissive parenting style is what many parents should follow. While there isn’t a single best formula for raising kids, parents should always be aware of how their attitude and behavior affects their children’s behavior.

Keep in mind also that it is important that you earn your child’s trust so you could easily guide him or her in everything they do. In this case, the best option for you is to use software that text spy Android and other mobile phones. Auto Forward has the best cell phone monitoring features that will let you monitor all your child’s cell phone and internet activities.

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