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What Is Keystroke Monitoring? What Is Keystroke Monitoring?

What Is Keystroke Monitoring?

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Keystroke monitoring or keystroke logging refers to the tracking and recording of every keystroke made on a particular device’s keyboard. It is... What Is Keystroke Monitoring?

Keystroke monitoring or keystroke logging refers to the tracking and recording of every keystroke made on a particular device’s keyboard. It is essentially a type of surveillance technology that is often a key feature of monitoring software.

The way a keylogger software or app works depends on what type it is.

Hardware Keylogger

This type is a physical component that could be connected or built-in to the target device. This could include: 

    • Keyboard hardware keyloggers that can be attached to the keyboard connection cable or built into the keyboard itself.
    • Hidden camera keyloggers that can be placed in public spaces to visually spy keystrokes.
    • USB disk-loaded keyloggers which deliver the keylogger malware once connected to a device.

Software Keylogger

This keylogging type is a piece of software or computer program that can be installed onto the target device’s hard drive. Among the most common keylogger software:

    • API-based keyloggers that directly intercept the signals sent from each keypress to the program being typed into. 
    • Form-grabbing-based keyloggers that acquire and locally record all text entered into website forms before it is transmitted online.
    • Kernel-based keyloggers that can bypass and get unrestricted access to your system.


When Is Keystroke Monitoring Used?

Recorded data from the keystrokes typed could be assembled to come up with the user’s activity and account information. This could include private information such as credit card details, activities on social media, web searches, and more. 

Keylogger use could be legally acceptable or questionable depending on the degree of consent, the goals of keystroke monitoring, and the ownership of the monitored device. It must also be in accordance with any laws that may be connected to it. It is usually used by employers to ensure the work integrity of their employees (with permission) and by parents who want to monitor their kid’s phone activities and ensure their safety.


Choosing The Right Keystroke Monitoring App

The market is littered with monitoring software and applications that have keylogger features. Before you go ahead and make that purchase, make sure that you know if the type of keylogger you’re eyeing is the perfect fit for what you want and/or need. 

Be sure to ask the right questions like: Do I need physical access? Is it compatible with the target device operating system? Will it work with a wireless keyboard? Is it reasonably priced?

To help you make the right choice, here are some considerations for choosing a keylogger.

    • Is it easy to install? Could it be done without having physical access to the target phone?
    • Does the keylogger function well? Is it accurate?
    • Are the keylogger records easily accessible?

We went ahead and listed here three of the best keystroke monitoring apps, or overall phone monitoring apps, available on the market today. All of these are easy-to-use and affordable.

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is a cell phone spy software program that works on Androids and iPhones. It allows you to conveniently track and monitor virtually anything on a target cell phone or tablet. It could be downloaded and installed via the OTA (over-the-air) method during which you will enter the phone number of the target phone. After entering the license key to activate the app, you will be able to access all information from the monitored phone from any of your internet-enabled devices.

Its keylogger records every keystroke on the monitored phone. This includes all outgoing messages or posts across all social media platforms and apps. This advanced phone monitoring app could also reliably and confidentially monitor call and message logs including emails, text messages, and instant messages, GPS locations, photos and videos, browser history, and more. 


PhoneSpector is a monitoring app that remotely gathers information from Android devices, iPhones, and iPads. It’s fast and easy to install, and accurately and quickly acquires the needed data from the target device. For the iPhone, you would need the iCloud credentials of the target phone to access information or data from the iPhones iCloud account. For Android, you could use the Over-the-Air link to download the app on the phone you want to monitor.

Once it’s good to go, the keystroke loggers would efficiently capture all executed keystrokes on the target device. This includes all outgoing texts, private messages, and social media messages. In addition to keystroke monitoring, it also keeps track of GPS location, photos and videos, call history, calendar events, and social media activities. 

Auto Forward

Auto Forward could be used in just three easy steps: (1) download the app to the target device via OTA link; (2) activate the app with the license key; (3) start monitoring your target phone from any of your devices. It inconspicuously collects data from the monitored phone and sends it to you.

Once enabled, the keylogger feature records all the keystrokes on the target device. This allows you to see messages and even keep track of pins and passwords that your kids might be setting up for accounts you do and don’t know about. You can also monitor text messages, emails, calls, photos, videos, web browser history, social media activities, installed apps, and more.

Keystroke loggers are useful tools in keeping track of your employees’, kids’, or partner’s activities and in curbing any bad habits or avoiding potential dangers. Phone monitoring apps, including keystroke monitoring, could be of great help but keep in mind that these things must be used responsibly.

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