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What Is A Finsta Account? What Is A Finsta Account?

What Is A Finsta Account?

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Instagram has over a billion users with about 63% of them logging in at least once a day, according to What Is A Finsta Account?

Instagram has over a billion users with about 63% of them logging in at least once a day, according to Hootsuite. People use Instagram and social media apps to show what’s going on in their lives. Leaving it all on display for their followers, friends, and family members to view. However, do you ever see someone post about something sad, depressing, or emotional on Instagram? Rarely. That’s because many people put their best selves forward on social media, making their lives seem perfect. However, no one’s life is perfect. This is where a finsta account comes into play. 

What Does ‘Finsta’ Mean? 

Finsta stands for ‘Fake Instagram Account’. A finsta account is a private Instagram account where people share pictures and other content with close friends and family they wouldn’t post on their real Instagram account. For example, if someone is struggling with bullying, they may choose to share that on their finsta account. Or, they may post a ridiculously silly photo of themselves they wouldn’t normally share on their public account. 

How To Make A Finsta Account

    • Open Instagram on your phone, and click on your circle icon at the bottom right to go to your profile. 
    • Click your handle name on the top left, and select Add AccountCreate New Account.
    • Create your username. You might want to create a unique username not including your full name or one that differs from your real account. 
    • Add any profile picture you wish, and make sure not to connect the finsta account to your Facebook account. 
    • Invite friends and family you would like to see your posts. 

The Dangers of Finstas

    • Finstas Aren’t Really Private

Even though finsta accounts are technically private, it doesn’t mean they are completely invisible. Someone following you could easily regram your post or screenshot it. Also, if you use hashtags on your posts, those photos are viewable if you do a hashtag search on Instagram. Once your post is tagged using a certain hashtag or shared by another, it’s no longer private. 

    • Kids Use Finstas To Hide From Their Parents

Kids and teens often create multiple finsta accounts which they hide from their parents. They may be wanting to conceal rebellious or inappropriate posts they wouldn’t want their parents to see, such as being at a party. However, what kids don’t realize is that their account is still discoverable and parents can even see the account bio line as well. 

Finsta accounts aren’t always a bad thing. It’s a way for people of all ages to share their true selves without the whole world judging them for being themselves. Do you have a finsta account? Creating one may benefit you!

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