What Is A Federal Background Check?

what is a federal background check

What’s A Federal Background Check?

A Federal and Government Background Check is usually conducted when people are seeking jobs in law enforcement, schools, federal agencies, or as an independent contractor (not limited to these jobs). It’s required by law to look into a person’s employment and criminal history of federal job applicants.  


What Does A Federal Background Check Consist Of?

A Federal Background Check usually consists of a person’s employment history, criminal history, credit report, and an FBI Fingerprint Check.

A Federal Employment Check may contain the person’s:

  • Past places of work (title, salary, duties)
  • High schools and colleges they attended
  • Degree(s) they earned

A Federal Criminal Background Check will look to see if the person has a past of:

  • Fraud
  • Kidnapping
  • Robbery
  • Child Pornography
  • White-Collar Crime
  • Capital Punishment
  • Other Criminal Offenses

For the FBI Fingerprint Check, the purpose is to verify the identity of the person applying. Also, checking a person’s credit report is usually optional, but can reveal whether or not they’re qualified for a certain job or security clearance.


How Long Does A Federal Background Check Take?

A generic Background Check can take anywhere from 3-7 days to come back. A Federal and Government Background Check roughly takes 20-30 days.


How Much Does A Federal Background Check Cost?

There’s no set price as to how much a Federal Background Check costs. Typically, the price is $30 or more.


How To Get A Federal Background Check?

As stated before, a Federal Background Check is run on someone who has applied for a job in a federal agency, school, or law enforcement. You cannot request to have a one done on yourself. Instead, so there are no surprises, it’s suggested you just run an instant personal background check on yourself. One service we’ve found to be reliable for this is Kiwi Searches.

To run a background check on yourself, put your name in the box belown and click search.

Run A Background Check


That’s everything there is to know about what is a Federal Background Check and other information regarding it. To learn more about background checks, view our Background Check 101 Guide!

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