WeChat App Accused of Spying on Users’ Chat Histories

WeChat appSpying online and through apps has become a regular occurrence in today’s society. Both companies and people partake in the action of spying on cell phones without having them. The latest company being accused of spying is WeChat app, a social media and messaging application that’s popular in China.


WeChat App Spying on its Users

Recently, Li Shufu, the chairman of Geely, accused WeChat of secretly storing users’ chat histories. Of course, in normal company fashion, WeChat has denied this claim. In a recent article from Reuters, WeChat says that chat histories are only stored on the user’s own devices, and that they only use chat information for big data analysis.

So, what’s the truth? Does WeChat app spy on its users or is Li Shufu’s accusation false? Hopefully, we will find out soon. 

Even if WeChat isn’t spying on its customers, apps have a history of monitoring their customers and obtaining information without permission. Below are a few recent examples of this occurring.    


Other Instances Of Apps Spying On Customers


Is Uber spying on you?



This case of Uber spying on iPhone users was a big shocker among people. Apparently, Apple gave Uber permission to view and possibly record an iPhone screen without the owner’s permission. Say what? Yes, Apple allowed Uber to do this. The main things people were concerned about were privacy, what was being done with their information, and information security. What if hackers gained access to this information? It would be very, very bad for Uber and Apple.

Along with this, Uber has been known to collect user location and GPS data without permission. It is truly the year of the Uber spy.


Alfonso Software

It was recently uncovered that at least 250 Google Play game applications are using software created by Alfonso. Alfonso is a start-up company that collects TV viewing data for advertisers. What is the software Alfonso created? Well, their software uses a smartphone’s microphone to detect what a user is watching on television. After this information is obtained by Alfonso, advertisers use it to better tailor ads towards users. This software even picks up on sounds if the game app is still running in the background.

Alfonso defends their software by saying that games that use their software must clearly say so in their Privacy Policy and Description. Also, game users have to agree to the software being used on their device.

Next time you are playing a mobile game, be on the lookout for Alfonso software.


BBased on these spying examples, will it become a trend that applications, like WeChat app, spy on its users? Only time will tell, but it seems like that’s the route many apps are taking.

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