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WebWatcher Review: How Does WebWatcher Work & Is It Worth Getting? WebWatcher Review: How Does WebWatcher Work & Is It Worth Getting?

WebWatcher Review: How Does WebWatcher Work & Is It Worth Getting?

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Bred from the classic tape recorders and CCTV cameras, cell phone spy apps have been making much... WebWatcher Review: How Does WebWatcher Work & Is It Worth Getting?

Bred from the classic tape recorders and CCTV cameras, cell phone spy apps have been making much noise in the tech world. With their modern algorithms and advanced features, such programs offer convenience, security, peace of mind, and several other services beyond basic tracking and monitoring capabilities.

We’ve initiated a WebWatcher review to know for sure if this new software is one of those elite phone tracking apps worthy of your money, time, and trust. Let’s see if this is enough to cater to your spying needs, or if you should consider a different – better – monitoring software.


What Is WebWatcher?

WebWatcher is a paid spy app designed to work with both smartphones and computers. This tool allows users to remotely monitor any device – including iOS or Android phones, and Windows, Mac, or Chrome PCs. Note, however, that though WebWatcher is one of the few monitoring apps that offer such a wide array of device compatibility, the installation process isn’t as straightforward as other premium spy software.

Once installed or activated, this spy software discretely extracts information and records data from the target device. The acquired details can be accessed utilizing a tamper-free online account. One of the main goals of its developers is to help parents steer their kids away from online and offline dangers including cyberbullying, sexting, drug/alcohol use, and suicide. Be mindful though of certain delays and frequent latencies during the data extraction and data upload processes. Several WebWatcher reviews even complain about system crashes that seem to happen more often as they continue to utilize this monitoring tool.

The software promises a risk-free licensed program with monitoring and tracking features that are easy to operate. WebWatcher is fairly new in the industry but as stated on their official website,, this computer and cell phone monitoring app is already trusted by millions of parents.

How To Install WebWatcher

Can WebWatcher be installed remotely? When we initially checked their website, the installation process seemed to be as straightforward as other premium spy apps we’ve encountered. However, it was a bit more complicated than it appeared. There seems to still be some sort of issues even after meeting all the requirements; plus the uploading of acquired WebWatcher data isn’t actually as simultaneous and as smooth as advertised. 

Here’s how to install WebWatcher depending on the device you wish to monitor.

  • iPhone

WebWatcher for iPhone doesn’t initially require jailbreaking, but you will need physical access to the target phone as you’ll have to connect it to your local PC or personal Mac where the software is downloaded on. Hence, if you plan to install the WebWatcher app for anonymous iPhone monitoring, you have to figure out a way to connect the device to your computer without them knowing.

The WebWatcher for iPhones is compatible with iOS 6.0 and later. Note, however, to function properly, you’ll be required to install a third-party app, iMazing. Plus, to unlock Webwatcher’s optimum functionality, the WebWatcher software may need to be downloaded from time to time to a PC or Mac connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the monitored iPhone. And as what most WebWatcher reviews iPhones state, the processes are time-consuming and inconvenient. Unlike other monitoring apps that continue to function at an optimal level as soon as activated, WebWatcher actually requires it to be manually updated once in a while to retain its optimum condition.

  • Android

Similarly, WebWatcher for Android requires physical access to the device to be monitored. If the target Android phone is locked, you will need to know the pin or pattern to unlock it. Like the iPhone version, WebWatcher for Android defies the very goal of anonymous tracking.

Once the Android phone tracker is installed, simply connect the app to your online account to start monitoring. WebWatcher is compatible with Android 2.0 and later. To install the WebWatcher app, phone rooting of the target Android isn’t initially required; however, should you wish to unlock the advanced features (which you most probably would if you’re looking for in-depth and effective monitoring) you’ll have to eventually root the phone you’ll be monitoring.

  • Windows PC

WebWatcher for PC works with Win 7 or later versions. Similarly, physical access to the target device and access to passwords (if any) is required to trigger the WebWatcher download process and complete the setup. 

Once you’ve gained administrative access to the target PC, simply follow the on-screen instructions after initiating the installation process. Webwatcher’s website states that the whole process would only take about five minutes, but with what we’ve experienced being rerouted back and forth to different pages, it took us way longer than that.

  • Mac

WebWatcher for Macintosh is compatible with Mac OS X Mountain Lion and later. Like the other versions of the software, both physical and password access to the monitored device is needed to ensure proper use.

Once you’ve created a WebWatcher online account, settled the payment, and installed the software, start monitoring. Again, don’t expect a straightforward and smooth setup process for WebWatcher Mac. Also, brace yourself for various technical issues before being able to access and enter the WebWatcher login page.


Key WebWatcher Features

Features-wise, we hope more parental controls and security settings are included with WebWatcher. Nevertheless, WebWatcher has a long list of basic internet monitoring and activity tracking features. So, if you’re merely looking for a spying tool for some basic monitoring activities, then WebWatcher would be an okay software to purchase.

Here are some of the things viewable when utilizing this monitoring software.

    • SMS texts and instant messages (including deleted ones)
    • Emails
    • 1,000 screenshots per license
    • Photos (camera roll)
    • Website history and website searches
    • Call log history
    • GPS location
    • FB Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp,  TikTok, Kik, and Viber messages
    • Snapchat and Tinder notifications
    • Social media activities (Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube)
    • Apps and programs usage
    • Keystrokes Typed
    • Alert word highlights and screenshots
    • Risky behavior alerts


Is WebWatcher Undetectable? 

WebWatcher claims it allows discreet remote monitoring. However, as early as the installation process, we doubted its stealthiness. To start, after providing the needed information on the WebWatcher login page, you’ll need to physically access the device before starting to monitoring it – defying the sole purpose of spying, anonymity. 

Then even if you managed to, per se, physically access the target device without the owner’s knowledge, the software isn’t hard to detect. This is because visible signs or obvious red flags indicate its presence on the device. WebWatcher triggers random pop-up alerts and unsolicited notifications that contain nonsensical combinations of characters. So, even if you aren’t specifically looking, you’d know that such software is installed on your device.

WebWatcher also sends random text messages sent from suspicious unregistered numbers. When utilized on iOS and Android phones, it heavily consumes mobile data and battery life. It also doesn’t cover its tracks – one could easily detect its presence by simply navigating to the Apps or Downloads section. Unlike other well-hidden monitoring apps, WebWatcher hasn’t taken the extra mile of effectively masking its presence.


How Much Does WebWatcher Cost? 

Another downside of WebWatcher is its cost; it’s not budget-friendly. Compared to other spy apps that offer more advanced services, WebWatcher is expensive. Plus, with what we’ve experienced while testing the WebWatcher mobile tracker, the overall features and functionalities don’t justify its price. The product inclusions, as well as their customer service, doesn’t provide great value for your money.

All subscriptions include basic and a few advanced features, unlimited data storage within the viewing period, and 24/7 access to their online tech support. So, how much does WebWatcher cost? Here’s a price breakdown of their packages. 

    • Monthly Subscription – $39.95 per month.
    • Quarterly Subscription – $59.95 every 3 months.
    • Annual Subscription – $129.95 every 12 months.


Final Thoughts

Before we tried this software, we read several WebWatcher reviews online. While they have a fair share of satisfied customers, there’s much negative feedback on the efficiency of features and reliability of their customer support. In fact, WebWatcher has a consumer rating of 1.05 stars in Sitejabber and a 3.3/5 rating in Trustpilot

Even disregarding the feedback from unsatisfied customers, we personally don’t recommend this software program. First, it’s insanely expensive considering only a few advanced monitoring features are offered. In some instances, prices for such tech-advanced products don’t actually matter much. However, with the WebWatcher price, this monitoring software isn’t worth it. 

Second, there are some inaccuracies in uploaded data. The GPS location tracking feature, for instance, isn’t always feeding accurate details. While utilizing the WebWatcher free trial, there were a few times when the details shown on our map are a few kilometers away from the target device’s actual location.

Third, there are frequent delays and system crashes. Accessing the WebWatcher sign-in page doesn’t always work on the first try. Plus, there were instances wherein while browsing through the control panel, for some reason, we were rerouted to the WebWatcher login section.

Above all, it’s time and energy-consuming to reach out to their customer support. In most negative reviews we’ve encountered online, this is the most common issue raised. We, too, did experience waiting in queue for quite some time just to be able to talk with a live specialist, and even when we did, we had to wait a few days before the issue had been sorted out.

Unfortunately, WebWatcher turned out not to be an unideal tool to cater to your monitoring and tracking needs. Good thing we’ve also looked into Turbo Phone Monitoring App – one of the newest monitoring apps in the market offering efficient and reliable features. In almost all aspects, TurboSpy has the edge when compared to WebWatcher. 

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