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5 Ways To Be Safe On Sexting Apps 5 Ways To Be Safe On Sexting Apps

5 Ways To Be Safe On Sexting Apps

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Sexting is a popular practice used today to spice up a relationship. If you don’t know what sexting is, it’s when you... 5 Ways To Be Safe On Sexting Apps

Sexting is a popular practice used today to spice up a relationship. If you don’t know what sexting is, it’s when you send NSFW photos of yourself to another person via text or private message on your smartphone. However, sexting can turn out badly if someone other than the recipient gets ahold of the photos. You could lose your relationship and/or your job, and your reputation could be tarnished. To avoid this, we list the top sexting apps and sexting best practices.

The Most Popular Sexting Apps Used Today:


Dust is a free app that allows for private texting, not through the phone’s actual messaging app. As part of the app’s features, you can delete sexting evidence on both your and the recipient’s phone. Plus, it alerts you if they try to take a screenshot of any photos or messages.


Even though is a popular online dating site, doesn’t mean that people don’t sext on it. You can easily do so when you’re private messaging someone from within the app. Sexting can actually be helpful for someone who’s in a long-distance online relationship.


Confide is like Snapchat for sexting. You can private message with anyone and once the sexts are read, they disappear. No need to worry that someone will use your sexts against you. The app also has excellent security features with having end-to-end message encryption, screenshot-proof technology, and the ability to use a nickname.

5 Tips For Being Safe While Sexting

– Avoid Sexting With Suspicious Characters

There are certain rules to sexting like not being overly creepy, not asking for too much, and not disclosing personal information. If the person you’re sexting with is doing any of these three things with you or acting weird in other ways, don’t sext with them anymore.

– Don’t Disclose Personal Information

If you’re sexting someone that you haven’t met in person, you don’t truly know who they are. They could be a stalker or criminal for all you know! When sexting with someone you are unsure about, don’t disclose personal information like your real name, address, email, or phone number.

– Delete Your Sext Photos After Sending

After the sext is officially sent, delete the image (unless an app does it for you). You want to avoid someone besides the recipient seeing it like your family members, friends, and coworkers. Remember to always check your phone storage in case it saved there.

– Don’t Include Identifying Features In Your Photos

If you want to sext with someone anonymously, it’s essential to not include any identifying features in the images. This includes your face and any tattoos you may have.

– No Drinking & Sexting

Whatever you do, do not drink and sext. You don’t know what stupid stuff and compromising images you might send someone when in that state.


So, if you decide to use sexting apps, make sure you follow these safety precautions while sexting. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of sexting gone wrong.

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