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4 Ways To Stop Getting Spam Phone Calls 4 Ways To Stop Getting Spam Phone Calls

4 Ways To Stop Getting Spam Phone Calls

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  Everyone has dealt with those pesky and annoying spam phone calls. It gets old constantly asking yourself, 4 Ways To Stop Getting Spam Phone Calls


Everyone has dealt with those pesky and annoying spam phone calls. It gets old constantly asking yourself, Whose number is this? Sometimes, it seems like no matter what you do, they never go away. So, what are spam phone calls and what can you do to stop them? We answer those questions below.


What Are Spam Calls?

Spam calls are irrelevant and unwanted phone calls delivered to a large number of recipients. One of the most common types of spam calls are robocalls. According to the FCC, receiving robocalls is the most common complaint from consumers. In 2016, an astonishing 29 billion robocalls were sent out to Americans. Spam calls can either be illegal or legal. Legal calls include telemarketing, appointment reminders, credit-card fraud alerts, market research, and charity work. Illegal calls include people looking to steal information from you and scams. Preventing spam calls is something that should take priority, especially since phone scams are on the rise.

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How To Stop Receiving Spam Phone Calls

spam phone calls

How many spam calls do you receive?


Look Up Who The Number Belongs To

If you are constantly receiving spam phone calls, it’s good to know where and from whom these calls are coming from. The easiest way to find this is by doing a reverse phone number lookup. You will be able to learn who the phone number belongs to, as well as their general location.


Block Spam Phone Numbers

After realizing who is spam calling you, block their phone number. There are plenty of apps out there that will enable you to block phone numbers. Two of the most popular call block apps, that are also free, are Hiya and Truecaller.


Use A Caller ID Program

Often, cell phone carriers have an add-on or option of a caller id program. So, you would be able to see whether or not you know the person that’s calling you. It can help let you know if someone is a spammer or robocaller before you answer the phone. For example, Verizon offers Caller Name ID which detects spam calls and allows users to block numbers. It costs customers an extra $2.99 per month.


Do Not Call Registry

The easiest way to stop some, but not all, spam calls is by registering your home or mobile phone on the Do Not Call Registry. After registering, it can take roughly a month to start noticing a difference in the number of spam calls you receive. Any calls you receive after one month of being registered you should report to the FCC.  


If You Pick Up, Don’t Respond

Whatever you do, if you pick up any spam calls, don’t respond. They are looking for you to say general phrases like “yes” or “no”, and provide personal information to steal. The more you respond to spam calls, whether on purpose or by accident, the more likely you will be called again.


Next time you see a suspicious (possibly spam) call, make sure not to answer it and report it to the FCC. Do what you can to avoid and protect yourself from unwanted calls in the future.


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