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Warning Signs: Get Involved Before it’s too late Warning Signs: Get Involved Before it’s too late

Warning Signs: Get Involved Before it’s too late

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In this fast paced world in the blink of an eye days disappear, weeks fly by and time escapes us. Try as we might... Warning Signs: Get Involved Before it’s too late

In this fast paced world in the blink of an eye days disappear, weeks fly by and time escapes us. Try as we might to carve out family time, it’s not always possible. Gone are the days when families all sat down at the dinner table, shared a meal and talked about their day. There were no cell phones with social media to get in the way and not every household could afford a TV. All the distractions present today didn’t exist back then. You had families that gathered around a radio for story time, family game night or just good old fashion family outings to the ice cream shop was enough.

In those days parents could readily notice if something was out of sorts with their children. Sure every decade of parenting had difficulties of its own to navigate but there is no past decade that could compare to the insurmountable dangers parents are facing raising kids nowadays. People have instant access to each other, privacy is almost unheard-of and parenting tactics are questioned at every turn.

Kids today post about anything and everything they want people to know about. They post photos of where they are, what they eat and generally what they are doing. However, what they don’t want parents or other people to see, they simply post on hidden apps like Snapchat or send in private messages. They also do more than message each other. Trends like sexting, invites to hidden raves and dangerous stunt videos are circling like a virus. In fact there is a name for rampant circulation of a trend, photo, social media post or video and it’s called “going viral.” No parent wants to look on the internet and see a photo or video of their child that’s inappropriate.

Changes in your child or teenagers behavior is a warning sign and could signal there is a problem. The problem could range from: bullying, drug use, peer pressure, social media addiction, gaming addiction, porn addiction or even becoming a bully. Youth of today is subjected to vast amounts of information and at a very fast pace. They want to fit in, find themselves, experiment and for the most part be successful. They have to navigate the obstacle course of life. You throw in 24/7 access to internet or cellphones and you’ve just added landmines to their course and kids need to be very careful where they step.

In addition to potential dangers from over exposure in the digital/virtual world your child/teen could be developing an addiction right under your nose. Children with cellphones, especially teenagers have displayed a growing addiction to their cellphone. In some severe cases teens were obsessed with their phone lashing out at parents who attempted to take it away. The culmination of virtual worlds and instant access to their social circle make developing a dependency to their smart devices or cellphones inevitable.

With all these factors in mind we have made a quick checklist of some noticeable behavior changes that can be seen in teens who may be exhibiting warning signs of a larger problem:

  • Irritable, cranky and combative
  • Insomnia
  • Never leaves phone unattended
  • Unsociable with family or stays isolated
  • Loss of appetite or weight loss
  • Makes threats if you try and take phone

The hard truth is you need to be on the frontline of battle when it comes to your child and teenager. You need to know what’s going on their life. You need to be able to monitor any potential harm that may arise on their phone, their behavior and influential friendships.

Highster Mobile phone spy will show you how to spy on a cell phone. It is actually a cellphone monitoring spyware that will allow you to monitor all these landmines in your child’s life remotely. You don’t need to be in the same room as them to know what’s going on in their life. Utilize technology to your advantage to monitor their messages, phone calls, emails, hidden apps, browser searches and all deleted content from your child or teen’s phone. Prevention starts with information and Highster Mobile best cell phone spy is the key to help you.

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