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Viber Spy Apps for iPhone: Monitor Viber Messages In 2022 Viber Spy Apps for iPhone: Monitor Viber Messages In 2022

Viber Spy Apps for iPhone: Monitor Viber Messages In 2022

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Viber is a free mobile application where you can instantly send messages and perform local or international calls. This is a cross-platform... Viber Spy Apps for iPhone: Monitor Viber Messages In 2022

Viber is a free mobile application where you can instantly send messages and perform local or international calls. This is a cross-platform that’s compatible with any iPhone or Android device without the need for jailbreaking or rooting.

After downloading the software and completing your profile, you can start utilizing its features. Viber has evolved into a social media tool where users can perform various tasks. From sending/receiving messages, users are able to exchange multimedia files, create and join communities, initiate group video calls, and more.

Viber has millions of iPhone and Android downloads. Unfortunately, its popularity is the same reason why most cybercriminals utilize this application as a tool for their malicious intentions. They use it for SMS and MMS-based phishing. While some may utilize a Viber spy (free) download for iPhone, we’ll be sharing the most trusted iPhone device spy software. Though these require certain fees, we guarantee you’ll get great value for your money.


Why Should I Use Apps For Tracking Viber on an iPhone?

There are varying reasons why one opts to use Viber spy software. In most cases, however, an iPhone device monitoring tool is beneficial for:


Some kids prefer using third-party device applications to send messages or files to their friends. Unfortunately, private messaging doesn’t necessarily mean secure messaging. Your kids could be exposed to inappropriate content, malicious messages, fake “free” products, and more. Protect them from these cyber threats by constantly monitoring their devices.


If you’re a business owner who has started utilizing iPhone applications like Viber, be sure to install a tracking tool. This will help ensure company-issued devices aren’t misused or that work hours aren’t abused.


Steps For How To Spy On Viber Messages on an iPhone

Even the less tech-savvy users are able to easily spy on Viber iPhone 6-12 or any compatible iOS version. This is because though these device monitoring tools utilize complex and multi-tiered algorithms, their interfaces have simple and straightforward designs.

Start utilizing a spy on Viber iPhone application in just three easy steps.

Step 1: Download

Most iPhone device spy tools can be installed remotely and downloaded without the need to jailbreak the device. Plus, in most cases, it only takes a few clicks to initiate the process – simply navigate to the software’s website.

Step 2: Activate

Once downloaded, you have to fully activate the iPhone app using a key or code that’s usually sent via email. This hassle-free process usually takes no more than 45 seconds.

Step 3: Access

As soon as everything’s set, start reading Viber messages and monitoring Viber activities. You may access the data on your personal dashboard.


On Which iPhones Can I Install Spy Apps for Viber On?

In most cases, an iPhone device monitoring software doesn’t require jailbreaking to function properly. Aside from the hassle-free and remote installation process, such device tracking tools work well with any device model or version.

A Viber spy software usually accesses messages, calls, contacts, and files from the following:

    • iPhone 13
    • iPhone 12
    • iPhone 11
    • iPhone X
    • iPhone SE
    • iPhone 8
    • iPhone 7
    • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 5
    • iOS 7-15 (all versions)


5 Spy Apps For Tracking Viber Messages on an iPhone

We, at, are on a constant hunt for the latest devices and newest applications. Each piece of software is tested to ensure the insights published are based on facts and real-life experiences.

To compile this list, we’ve downloaded a variety of free/paid iPhone device spy software. For each of these apps, we looked at a variety of factors to determine the best ones. These include the ease of downloading, frequency of data extraction, the accuracy of captured text messages, cell phone calls, GPS location, and other activities. All this to come up with the 5 best apps that spy Viber on iPhone. Regardless of if you want to spy on someone’s messages, calls, or files, you can choose the best Viber spy tool for iPhone from our list below.

Auto Forward

This monitoring tool offers jailbreak-free remote access to the target device. It can access activities on various social applications like Viber. It works on all iPhones and extracts all data, including deleted messages.

Highster Mobile

This device spy software can view Viber activities without the need for jailbreaking or physical access. It’s easy to download and even easier to navigate. It provides its users real-time access to all sent and received messages, and incoming and outgoing calls.

DDI Utilities

This iPhone tracking tool can monitor different social networking platforms like Viber. Now, you get to see even the deleted messages and concealed activities on the target device. With free lifetime upgrades, this application is ideal for long-term monitoring.


This spy software can be downloaded remotely and without the need to jailbreak the target device. It uses cutting-edge technologies to be able to extract Viber chat history, call logs, and contacts lists. This can be done while in stealth mode. 

Easy Spy

This iPhone application is surprisingly easy to access and navigate. This device monitoring tool is designed to be used by less tech-savvy users. Because of this, the software is convenient and hassle-free. It gathers Viber data like messages, calls, photos, videos, profiles, and so much more.

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