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Using a Cell Phone Spy Software to Protect Your Child Using a Cell Phone Spy Software to Protect Your Child

Using a Cell Phone Spy Software to Protect Your Child

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When looking at what a cell phone spy program can... Using a Cell Phone Spy Software to Protect Your Child

cell phone spyWhen looking at what a cell phone spy program can do for you, you might start to wonder “Is this invading someone’s privacy? How can I use this and not get in trouble? How can this be useful to me?” Cell phone spy software is a useful tool to know what is going on on someone’s cell phone, but with the powerful features comes the responsibility to use them with restraint. Some companies will set some standards for spying, but others will claim that you can spy on anyone and everything and that’s how you know you’ve got a quality company making your product. With all the online predators lurking on the internet having these products available to them how are you going to protect your loved ones? This article will show you the dangers and show you how to protect them.

Some companies will put out advertisements stating they have free ways to spy on cell phones. Now we all know, if something is too good to be true it probably is. When looking at a product like Auto Forward, you might notice that you need the phone you intend on monitoring when you install the software. This is what makes this kind of monitoring legal and the safest available. This kind of software works well for parents looking to monitor their children or employers needing to know what their employees are doing during the work day. These companies that claim to give you a cell phone spy software free trial or allow you to spy on someone without ever having to have the phone are definitely up to no good. While these companies aren’t totally illegal, there are some times that people can use this type of software to obtain information that you didn’t grant them access to, like what happened to Google and a school’s Chromebooks.cell phone spy

Every company is looking to gain as much information and intel as they can get and sometimes that’s not gotten exactly legally 100% of the time. According to the Legal Examiner, the internet giant Google is being accused of spying on students using Chromebooks. As stated by the author of the article, Marc Goldich,

“Google violated a legally binding agreement signed by 200 companies known as the Student Privacy Pledge, as well as regulations enforced by the FTC, by secretly collecting student’s personal browsing information without student or parental permission.”

EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) found that Google’s “Sync” feature for the Chrome browser is enabled by default on Chromebooks sold to schools across the country which allows Google to store, track and data mine records of every Internet site that the students visit, every term they search, as well as all the links and videos they click on. This is the reason you have to be super cautious about what websites, apps and other things your child does online.

Your young child has probably spent every moment since you first gave them their first cell phone on the internet or apps communicating with what they think is their friends. Many online predators camp out on those pages for unsuspecting young users, just like all young kids. So how can we protect our children? By utilizing a cell phone spy like Auto Forward, you will be able to see everything that happens on your son or daughter’s cell phone, including not only what they do, but whomever sends them texts, emails, pictures, videos and anything else. By being able to spy on text messages and everything else you can filter through exactly what goes on on their phone and intervene when necessary.

Protecting your child is your number one job as a parent and this new technological world we live in just adds another avenue you have the protect them in. Auto Forward is a trusted cell phone monitoring software that is a great way to monitor your child and the product I would use to do this kind of thing. Installing a cell phone spy on your loved one’s phone doesn’t always necessarily mean you don’t trust them, it just means you care about their safety.

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