Best Cell Phone Spy Apps
Unusual Reasons Why Cell Phone Spy Apps For iPhones Are The Best

Many parents today are getting hassled by the large number of mobile devices that can do almost anything that a computer can. So much so, that they are asking themselves, “Can someone read my text messages from their phone?” Why? This is because they don’t know how to stop their kids from being on their iPhone all day, even in the dead of night. They also would like to prevent their kids from depending too much on their phone, but they have no idea how to go about it.

There are two things that come to mind immediately whenever I think about how to monitor and control my kids while they are using their phones. There may be a lot of options when it comes to cell phone monitoring apps on the web. You can find a lot of them to be sure, but there are only a handful of reliable ones in there, and there are two that top them all. These are Highster Mobile and Auto Forward. These are two very similar apps with similar features, and these are the things that sets them apart from the others.

Is There A Benefit For Your Child To Have An iPhone?

Did you ever stop to think if your child really needs an iPhone? That is definitely up for debate. Whatever your own opinions are on the matter, your kid will definitely tell you that it is absolutely essential that they be given an iPhone.They will say that they need it to be more popular and feel better about themself. But before you get them one, you have to think about it carefully and weigh the pros and cons.


  1. Having an iPhone gives you a kind of leverage over your kid. Restricting its use can get your child to behave the way you want them to. This makes your kid more pliable and it helps a lot if you want them to do their chores.
  2. The iPhone has a number of features that makes it very useful for its user, not the least of which is the ability to track the phone itself. In order to make it more effective, you can use Auto Forward or Highster Mobile to augment its geolocation features. You can then track wherever the phone is and, by extension, your kid as well.
  3. It can allow you to observe how your kid behaves while they are using the phone. Monitoring software can help you access phone apps that you may otherwise not have access to. You can access emails, text messages, call logs, and other apps. This allows you to see if there are any activities that your child doesn’t tell you about, or if there are school work that they should finish.
  4. Your kid has a better chance to avoid bullying because of them having an iPhone. This might seem trivial to us adults, but children seem to think that it is important to them. There is no school that doesn’t have any bullies. An iPhone is considered a status symbol among kids, and owning one makes you immune to the sarcastic or biting comments and the vile innuendoes.


  1. An iPhone is very expensive. It’s like having a dog, without the fur and the affectionate displays. Using the phone can get very expensive as well, and a child may rack up enormous bills. If you’re really planning to give one to your child, make sure that you purchase a phone plan that you can afford. You can also use a prepaid plan so that you can prevent excessive use of the phone.

If you are stuck with a huge plan, you can just set rules on how your kid is going to use the phone and limit their screen time as well. Just make sure that they understand that the phones are supposed to be off during school or at bedtime.

  1. iPhones are very expensive to replace or repair. Kids lose stuff all the time, iPhones and accessories included. Getting an iPhone, a charger, or any other accessory replaced or repaired can cost a lot of money. If your kid is not the responsible type, you might want to consider giving them a second-hand iPhone.
  2. These iPhones have a lot of features and apps that can be very entertaining for children. This can be a huge distraction for your kids and they may neglect to do their school work if they get addicted to games and social media apps on their iPhones. You need to set limits on the use of these devices to prevent your children from getting distracted.
  3. Since iPhones are considered status symbols, owning one can make your child feel very entitled. Giving them a phone when they are 9 can make them feel entitled to getting another new phone when they turn 12. You need to prevent this kind of entitlement. Just buy them a basic phone and wait until they know the value of money before getting them one of the better ones or an iPhone.

There are still dangers when you are using an iPhone. Cyberbullies and child predators are just some of them. Every time your child uses their phone, they are exposed to these dangers. That is pretty much on a daily basis and you surely don’t have the time to keep a very close eye on your kid’s activities on the phone.

Fortunately, there are reliable monitoring apps available on the web. The best of these for use on an iPhone are Auto Forward and Highster Mobile. They can let the user access the whole iPhone, without the phone being in the vicinity of the user. You also have no need to jailbreak the phone in order to use the app, since it is supported by iOS.

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