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Track My Fone Review Track My Fone Review

Track My Fone Review

Reviews Charlotte Rivers

These and all cell phone monitoring apps may only be used for legitimate and lawful purposes by authorized users. Installing or using any app... Track My Fone Review

These and all cell phone monitoring apps may only be used for legitimate and lawful purposes by authorized users. Installing or using any app for any other purpose may violate local, state and/or federal law.


THE GOOD / Snazzy user interface makes it somewhat enjoyable and easier to deal with all of its shortfalls

THE BAD / A little too rich for my blood. Having to layout over $149.00 I can get somewhere else for $69.00 doesn’t make much sense to me.

THE BOTTOM LINE / Not a terribly bad program. If there were no other choices I might like it, but…

What I discovered

While using TrackMy Fone, I discovered that it is really a somewhat helpful product with features that may benefit anybody searching for a competent parental control application. This program can log some kinds of activities for example calls, texts, emails, websites visited, social networking usage, etc. Additionally, it offers charts and reviews that offer a listing of the game from the target phone. The parental control feature causes it to be easy to see the website bookmarks and restrict the prospective phone from being able to access certain websites. If you would like, you may also use TrackMy Fone to bar use of any application you might want. There’s additionally a arranging feature that may lock the prospective phone for any number of months.

Now, visiting the disadvantages of TrackMy Fone, I have to admit that the common user might find it difficult to make use of all onpar GPS. The designers of TrackMy Fone did very well when it comes to including top features for this spyware. However, I’ve got a feeling there is not much effort to build up a course you can use by all no matter their level of comfort with advanced technology. For me, this can be a serious drawback because customers only take advantage of features that they’re confident with.

If you’re looking for a less expensive cell phone spy program I would recommend taking a look at Auto Forward Spy.

In researching TrackMy Fone from both exisiting and former clients It had been learned that this program is very “buggy”. Individuals have reported these “bugs” to myself and our staff:

1. intermittent uploads of texts

2. Incorrect Gps navigation confirming

3. Static available tracks.

Although there have been more, they were probably the most prevalant.

Customer Care

I discovered this review on TrustPilot (A reliable review website for customers).

“We posted as many as 5 tickets. The typical response there was a time 38 hrs. Bad! We attempted calling the phone number online several occasions of this a couple of days simply to hear a recording proclaiming that nobody was ready to answer the telephone which there business hrs were from “roughly” 10am – 5pm London time. Again, bad.”

Performance and reliability

Efficiency and reliability was mediocre at the best. I discovered the program to function well somewhat a not too well in other people. The written text texting feature, which is an essential in my experience and most people, submitted adequately but sometimes only occasionally. This obviously could be a large problem when you’re attempting to keep tabs on a family member you believe maybe in harms way. There’s anything annoying these days knowing.

Other functions, for example, phone call recording, GPS navigation monitoring, email, pics and vids all appear to function okay but nothing really impressed me to the stage where I seem like shouting about this. The GPS navigation feature sometimes was inaccurate. I’d the prospective phone sitting right alongside me or my desk however the pushpin into the spotlight was showing the telephone was almost 5 miles away.


Searching inside my overall experience with using TrackMy Fone, I have to admit that this is a sub-par option for technology savvy people searching for lots of features and a high price tag. However, the typical user with limited technical understanding should search for other options that are simple to use regardless of getting all necessary features.


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