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TrackMyFone Review TrackMyFone Review
There could be varying reasons why one would install spy software - from regulating a child’s phone use to promoting a higher... TrackMyFone Review

There could be varying reasons why one would install spy software – from regulating a child’s phone use to promoting a higher productivity rate in a workplace. Regardless, cell phone spyware like TrackMyFone and Auto Forward must be utilized only for legal and lawful purposes.

Since the idea of remote SMS monitoring was initially launched, hundreds of thousands of programs have been claiming they’re “the best” spy software there is – one of them is TrackMyFone. We took the initiative to check out TrackMyFone and see for ourselves if this software is worth it. Spoiler alert though, it isn’t as we think there are better programs out there that’s worth your time, money, and energy. 


Why You Might Need to Use The TrackMyFone Spy App?

Like most spy apps, TrackMyFone provides remote real-time access to any device, allowing the user to efficiently monitor the target owner’s device use. Unlike premium mobile monitoring apps though, TrackMyFone offers basic features only like the usual SMS monitoring and GPS tracking which you could acquire when you utilize a free program.

Nevertheless, though not as intricate and as in-depth as Auto Forward, per se, TrackMyFone might serve you a thing or two when it comes to your monitoring goals. Here are three instances where you could use TrackMyFone.

  • Child Monitoring

One of the most common reasons why someone might install such software is to monitor their kid’s phone activities. TrackMyFone can be utilized for child monitoring, but if you’re looking for a more exquisite tool, this won’t be a great app for you as it doesn’t have strong parental controls and security settings like (inappropriate) keywords alert and keylogger monitoring.

  • Employee Monitoring

TrackMyFone can be utilized to monitor employees, especially when looking to track their locations (e.g. for companies with delivery services). Similar to child monitoring though, we don’t find it an ideal business tool as certain features aren’t reliable enough like blocking non-work-related sites and apps which.


Features of The TrackMyFone App

Call and SMS Monitoring with TrackMyFone app

If you’re merely looking for basic monitoring features, then TrackMyFone is an “okay” app. This spy phone app only offers the usual tools and functionalities. So, if you plan to initiate in-depth and intricate spying, we advise you to check out other more advanced and innovative spy apps like Highster Mobile or Auto Forward. Unlike those premium apps, TrackMyFone monitoring software doesn’t have built-in extensive parental controls and security protocols. 

Here are three of TrackMyFone’s well-known features – basic features that could be availed of at a lower price.

Phone Call and SMS Monitoring by TrackMyFone

SMS monitoring and call log monitoring are the most basic features any spy app could offer; TrackMyFone is of no exemption. When testing the app, we did receive SMS messages though not as instantaneously as expected. Plus, not everything’s captured – we’ve tried deleting a text right after it was received, and there’s no log of such activity in our dashboard. 

The call monitoring feature was more accurate and real-time, but we’re really bothered by the fact it’s capable of recording phone conversations as this act is considered illegal in most states.

Monitor Social Networks with TrackMyFone

TrackMyFone also offers social media monitoring – a feature sought after by most since the use of such digital platforms is so widespread. This feature includes WhatsApp monitoring, Facebook post tracking, Viber call log recording, and more.

The thing is, we’ve encountered several latencies and issues. The data uploads weren’t in real-time and there were instances where we were notified of a new Facebook post but when clicking on it to view, no details appeared.

Blocking Unwanted Apps Through TrackMyFone

TrackMyFone’s official website claims they capture activities within installed apps – built-in and third-party – as well as block any unwanted applications. Well, yes it does perform such pre-programmed commands; however, it’s not consistent. 

We tried setting this feature to block an online card gaming application – which it did – but when trying to install a similar app, it went through. In other monitoring apps we’ve encountered, the App Blocking Feature would filter all applications – regardless of the brand or version.

TrackMyFone also offers some advanced features – we’ll give them that – the programs behind such modern solutions are perfect if we are only to base on the presented theories. Unfortunately, it appears the algorithms and codes utilized weren’t advanced enough to catch up or meet the bar TrackMyFone so highly set for themselves. 

Here are some examples of such features that could have been significantly helpful if only the programming and execution have been perfected. 

  • App Tracker

This feature is meant to track every single activity within any of the applications installed in the mobile device being monitored. When we tried utilizing this feature, it turned out it can only track major applications. Activities on other third-party apps, like private messaging applications, aren’t being captured. 

  • Geo-fencing

This feature is meant to enable users to set specific locations as unsafe and should the device’s owner go near or into those places, a notification will be triggered. First of all, the alerts weren’t received in real-time. Secondly, the features are not entirely accurate – we’ve experienced receiving notifications and even in real-time, the owner is miles away from the set area.

  • Instant Alerts

This feature is meant to send real-time alerts whenever there’s a new activity within the target device. Like most of the available features, the real-time isn’t as real as advertised.


TrackMyFone App Compatibility

TrackMyFone works with iOS and Android devices – regardless of the brand, model, or version. The advertisements claim no rooting and no jailbreaking, but it appears this only works with the super basic features. Access to a bit more advanced tools would still require bypassing default accesses.

TrackMyFone Spyware for Android

Blocking unwanted apps with TrackMyFone app

TrackMyFone’s Android version is compatible with OS 4 to 8. To install, you’ll need to gain physical access to the target device then head to for the installation link. Once set up, start utilizing basic features like SMS monitoring and GPS tracking. For more advanced features though, like IM chats, phone rooting is needed.

TrackMyFone Android Premium is available in three different payment schemes:

    • Monthly – $25 every month.
    • Quarterly – $45 every 3 months.
    • Annually – $70 every 12 months.


TrackMyFone Spyware for iOS

TrackMyFone customer support

TrackMyFone is compatible with iOS versions 6, 7, 8, and 14.4. Unlike the Android version, you can install the software in the target iPhone remotely; however, you’d need to have the iCloud credentials of the target user. Plus, the no-jailbreak feature only works if the iCloud backup is activated and/or synced. Otherwise, jailbreaking would be necessary to enjoy more convenient and extensive monitoring.

TrackMyFone iOS Premium can also be availed of in three different payment plans (slightly more expensive than Android).

    • Monthly – $29 every month.
    • Quarterly – $49 every 3 months.
    • Annually – $75 every 12 months.


Customer Service Support

Customer service is often an overlooked part of a business’s overall operation, not realizing by most business owners that it’s one of the most important things for consumers. This is specifically true for technical products like cell phone spy programs. 

Mobile monitoring apps, not only TrackMyFone, are programmed with multiple codes and algorithms, making them vulnerable to latencies, issues, and crashes. And in most cases, one would need a professional’s help to work things out, especially those users that are less tech-savvy.

TrackMyFone spy phone app offers 24/7 live customer support. You could create a ticket from their website or contact them directly over the phone or via email. Based on what we’ve experienced though, we advise that you shouldn’t expect timely responses. While TrackMyFone does respond to inquiries, prepare yourself to stay in the queue for quite some time or to wait a few hours (in some cases, a few days) to get your issues resolved. Though we haven’t personally experienced it, some TrackMyFone users have left online feedback about technical issues they’ve encountered that haven’t been resolved. 



Overall, we don’t recommend TrackMyFone specifically if you’re a parents who want to efficiently and effectively steer their kids away from cyber threats and online predators. Even if you’re only looking for basic features like GPS tracking or SMS monitoring, TrackMyFone won’t be worth it considering its hefty price. TrackMyFone mobile monitoring has a limited collection of tracking and recording functionalities that would honestly be just a waste of money.

Also, TrackMyFone isn’t as smooth to operate and navigate as advertised. The installation process alone has several requirements, conditions, and limitations, making it time-consuming and inconvenient. The interface is clean and straightforward, but there are delays in response times and some selections don’t appear the first time you click on them.

Similarly, if you’re planning to install TrackMyFone for employee monitoring, we highly recommend opting for better, more affordable elite apps like Auto Forward and Highster Mobile. Unfortunately, TrackMyFone isn’t as advanced and as innovative as those premium monitoring tools.

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