Best Cell Phone Spy Apps
Tracking A Smartphone: Cell Phone Spy Software for Parenting and Business

In our modern digital world, it is sometimes necessary to learn how to spy on a cell phone remotely. Parents, businesses, and even single individuals have various needs that can only be met by using an Android or iPhone monitoring software. Compared to recent years, the number of people using monitoring devices have steadily increased.

An Overview of Business and Parental Monitoring

Businesses and parents have different reasons for getting cell phone monitoring apps. Parents’ priorities revolve around their children. So, they will want to monitor apps their kids use to text and play games on.

Businesses care about time, efficiency, and productivity. So, it makes sense for them to use monitoring apps to help increase productivity and efficiency by minimizing distractions. Some businesses are also quite protective of their own data or client information. Monitoring apps can help prevent this information from leaking or getting stolen. 

What Businesses and Parents Need From Monitoring Apps

We will be talking about phone monitoring apps and what features parents and businesses are looking for. There are many other people that can find a use for powerful monitoring apps, but we will just be focusing on the needs and preferences of business owners and parents.

– Cell Phone Monitoring for Business

There’s plenty of reasons why companies would need cell phone monitoring. From data security to the simple everyday productivity metrics, all of these can be monitored and influenced by a powerful monitoring app. Here are some of the mobile phone monitoring features that can help improve business processes.  

  1. SMS and email tracking – Even if many companies have successfully protected their data up until now, there is no guarantee that no one will ever hack into their system and leak information. And the most dangerous people for a company are the ones with the access to that information, meaning its own employees. Companies need to monitor any incoming and outgoing emails, and SMS messages to find out if there is a collusion to sell the company’s secrets to competitors. 
  2. Call tracking – It can also be used to track phone calls from suspicious numbers. This way, it can help prevent information leakage and employees getting scammed. Call tracking also comes in handy with monitoring employees who answer customer calls daily, like customer support. And if there is a need to block phone numbers the business receives, it’s as easy as ABC when using powerful monitoring apps like PhoneSpector and Highster Mobile.
  3. GPS tracker – This feature is most useful in tracking the whereabouts of your mobile employees or the ones who work in the field. For those who are usually mobile, like delivery people, it would be a good idea to give them company phones that can be tracked through monitoring software. This ensures that employees are not deviating from their job and tasks.
  4. App and screen-time tracking – It is no secret that the average employee wastes around 1.5 hours to 3 hours of the company’s paid time. With just one employee wasting that much time every day for an entire year, a company will waste $23,000 in wages. And since many of these people use their company phones to waste time, monitoring their phone and limiting their screen-time is necessary.

– Cell Phone Monitoring for Parents

Parents have a different set of priorities and needs for monitoring apps than businesses do. They care about the safety of their kids from online dangers, and what their child says to others online. Here are some of the commonly used monitoring app features used by parents. 

  1. Call and SMS monitoring – This is pretty standard for parents who have pre-teens and teens. Many of these kids are using text messages to communicate with their friends, and other people you may not know about. Tracking and observing what they are saying in their texts reveal things you would not have known before you monitored your kid’s phone. In the same way, looking at call logs can help you see which of the numbers are suspicious, like numerous calls from the same number in the middle of the night. These may be signs that a predator is targeting your kid.
  2. Geolocation – Being aware of where your child is all the time could give you the peace of mind that you are looking for. Tracking your child’s whereabouts through their phone’s location is almost as good as keeping an eye on your kid all the time. It ensures that your kid is somewhere where they are far from danger.

There are plenty of other things that powerful monitoring software such as Highster Mobile and PhoneSpector can offer to parents and business owners. This includes simple yet functional interfaces and only a one-time fee for the lifetime license and free updates. For more information, head out to our website right now to learn more.