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Have you been receiving annoying calls lately and want to track by phone number to find out who’s behind it? Do you want to locate a cell phone or track a cell phone location by number but don’t know where to start? Or do you already know how to track phone numbers but are unsure if you should resort to tracking a phone number? Perhaps you’re simply wondering what’s the best free cell phone tracker online or locator cell phone number app?

There are certainly various reasons why someone would choose to track phone location by number. Whether they’re valid or not is another matter altogether. People who are not technologically inclined might get overwhelmed with the idea of tracking phone number location. Well, some phone number tracking methods are more complicated than others but in general, it is fairly easy to track location by phone number. Whatever your reason, whether you are tech-savvy or not, read on to learn more about how to track phone numbers.


How To Track a Phone Number Effectively

Tracking number by KiwiSearches service

Technology has come a long way since the first two-way communication device was invented. Through the years, we’ve seen how these communication devices have evolved in design and their supported features. The telephone, for example, has long since lost its wires and can be utilized for more than just making phone calls. Then there’s the smartphones and other similar devices.

A multitude of technological advancements packed into one conveniently compact device – this sums up what a smartphone is. Just imagine what you can do and accomplish utilizing just your smartphone. It’s almost holding the world in the palms of your hand. You can do just about anything – from making voice calls to sending text messages to taking photos. 

These advancements in communication – phones, smartphones, and other mobile devices – undeniably bring a myriad of advantages. Unfortunately, along with the benefits come the downsides. These downsides could be remedied with the same technology others take advantage of. For instance, some utilize technology to hide their identities as they pester other people through unwanted calls. But technology could also be the key of how to track a phone number and the person behind it.

So, can you track a cell phone number for real? Well, of course, you can. Using technology in phone number tracking could seem overwhelming and daunting at first. This is especially so if you do not know much about technology. But there’s no need for worrying because it’s easy to track phone numbers and pinpoint their location. You simply need enough knowledge to do so, something you can get from this article.

Here are the basic steps on how to track phone number location or track a person by cell phone number. Please note there could be other ways on how to track a phone number. The ones listed here are those we’ve tried and found truly effective. In fact, you’ll probably find the following in almost every list about ‘easy phone number tracking’.


Step 1: Determine What Phone Number You Want To Track

Do you want to track a phone number that’s been incessantly calling you but doesn’t say anything once the call is picked up? Perhaps you want to track someone by phone number because that someone has been having late-night calls with your partner? Or maybe you want to track phone numbers that have been bothering your friends or family?

The first crucial step in phone number tracking is having the right phone or cell phone number. One wrong digit and you won’t be able to accurately track phone numbers and their owners. This won’t be much of a problem if you track phone numbers that have been calling or messaging you directly. But if you track someone’s phone number-wise and the number is on someone else’s phone, that could be a bit tricky.

For example, if you want to find the identity of someone or find a location with a phone number saved on your partner’s phone, you must go about it carefully. Double-check and even triple-check the number before proceeding to the next step.


Step 2: Conduct A Cell Phone Number Search

Quick Tracking The Number’s Location with KiwiSearches

Once you have the correct phone number, you can now officially start your search. As previously mentioned, there are various ways on how to track a cell phone number’s location and owner. These tracking someone’s phone number methods could range from simple, even old-school ones to those technical in nature.

You can, for instance, ask around if anyone is familiar with the phone number in question. Perhaps some of your friends, family, or colleagues have the number saved on their contacts. This method, however, could be time-consuming and downright awkward. Imagine asking your colleague if they know whose number has been calling your spouse and it turns out to be a close friend of that colleague. While this could work, there are better ways to go about this second step.

An effective and convenient way is doing a number search online. One option is conducting it via known search engines like Google or via well-known social media platforms and messaging apps where someone could link their phone number. A better option to search for or track any cell phone number’s owner online is through reliable online services or reverse phone lookup search engines.

When you utilize reverse phone lookup services, you can track phone numbers to their owners and more. Here are some of the relevant information you can acquire:

    • Full name of the person associated with the number
    • Aliases of the number’s owner
    • Present and even past addresses
    • Family members
    • Social Media Profiles
    • Education and Work History


Reverse Phone Lookup


Step 3: Track The Number’s Location

It’s one thing to know a bunch of details about the phone number in question, it’s another thing to track a phone number owner’s location in real-time. Remember using the phone number to find out the identity of its owner? Well, you can also utilize the phone number to pinpoint the phone’s location at any given time.

So how can I track a phone number’s location, you ask? You can do this with the aid of the right cell phone spy app and monitoring software. There might be sole phone number tracker apps you can utilize. There are also phone number location trackers on the market that can provide real-time updates on the target phone’s location and more. The best monitoring apps will probably cost you some money. It will only be a matter of selecting the best one that’s worth every penny you spend.

Again, yes, you can find the location by phone number. If your reason to find a location by phone number is to track your child’s whereabouts, this could come in handy. In addition to real-time GPS location, you can keep track of the following when you utilize the best spy and monitoring apps.

    • Text messages
    • Call Logs
    • Emails
    • Social Media Activities
    • Messages and media sent and received on Messaging Apps
    • Photos, Videos, and other Multimedia Files

Reasons To Track A Phone Number

Reasons To Tracking A Phone Number

Okay, so now you know how to track numbers or locate a cell phone by number. Now, the question is, why do you need to track a phone number using the number in the first place? Surely, people will have different reasons behind wanting to search for a phone number’s location. So what’s yours?

Some search for phone number location by number for perfectly legal and acceptable reasons. Some are fuelled by the wrong reasons and illegal intentions, something which we most certainly do not condone. 

If you want to track a phone number because the number belongs to your minor child, it’s perfectly understandable. Of course, every parent would want to keep tabs on their minor kids. Whatever the reason, please make sure to go about it responsibly.

Now here are some of the other reasons why some may opt to utilize a location tracker by phone number.

Find Out Who Called You

Have you been receiving incessant calls from an unknown number? Have you been receiving unsolicited or even inappropriate messages from someone you don’t know? Well, maybe it’s about time to track the phone number and finally find out who is behind those nuisance calls and text messages. Once you find out who it is, proceed to take the necessary actions.

On the flip side, missed calls could also be from someone important or about something crucial. If you are expecting an important call and keep missing a call from an unknown number, then track the number. Through responsible phone number tracking, you’ll no longer have to worry about missing important calls. We’d like to point out that even if it’s your first instinct to immediately block an unknown number, please refrain from doing so. At the very least, find out first who was calling you in order to avoid the mistake of blocking someone important or wasting an opportunity in the process. 


Block Spam Calls

Blocking spam numbers

We are, undeniably, enjoying several benefits and advantages brought about by technological advancements. Just like most things though, where there are advantages, disadvantages are always bound to crop up too. In this case, most of the downsides are caused by people who seem to have utter disregard of other people’s rights and/or feelings. We’re referring to cybercriminals, cyberbullies, and yes, even spammers.

Spam calls come in different forms, some legal and illegal. We must admit though, whether legal or illegal, spam calls are rather irritating. When you track phone numbers that have been spam calling you, you can obtain information that could aid in stopping the irritating calls completely. You can utilize the information to report the people behind the spam calls before blocking the number.

On a daily basis, spam callers and robocallers are harassing phone users. You can get to the root of where the spammer is located by tracking their number. Having this information will not only help you in blocking the number but will be needed if you report them. 


See Who’s Contacting Your Family

Perhaps the most acceptable reason for wanting to track a phone number is to ensure your family’s safety and security. For parents, the dawn of technology has added digital parenting to their job description. This means also keeping tabs on your kid’s phone and online activities. Remember, various threats are lurking and hiding behind the cloak of technology.

It would be wise to regularly check with whom your kids are communicating with. You can check the contacts on their phones and social media accounts. You can also look through their conversations to ensure nothing untoward is taking place. In case you notice something suspicious, track phone numbers immediately! 

Well, that is our guide for how to track a cell phone number! Whether you are a parent or just a phone owner, it’s beneficial to know how to do so to help in avoiding spam and unknown calls and tracking a phone’s location. 


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