Best Cell Phone Spy Apps Reviews
Top Cell phone Spy Tools in the Market! Top Cell phone Spy Tools in the Market!
Highster Mobile and Auto Forward Spy are among the top 2 most recommended cell phone spy tools in the market. It would take... Top Cell phone Spy Tools in the Market!

Highster Mobile and Auto Forward Spy are among the top 2 most recommended cell phone spy tools in the market. It would take about 2-3 minutes to install which then gives you the access to a target phone’s activity logs. Imagine how convenient it will be primarily to people who need keen monitoring help.

Who will benefit from phone spying?

From being an investigative businessman, curious parent, guardian, to a plainly doubtful relationship partner, name it! These people will be grateful upon utilizing cell phone spy software remote install. It has tracking procedures that remotely access all contents found on the target phone. It is possible without literally checking on the phone. Depending on one’s purpose and reason, spy apps will remain beneficial.

Highster or Auto Forward?

Both Highster Mobile and AutoForward Spy have commendable performance. Both have same monthly fee of $29.99 of which you can cancel anytime. There features are pretty similar but it is better to reiterate for your ease.

Let us start with Highster Mobile. It is a top-rated parental employee tracking and monitoring software that comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, free lifetime upgrades and Apple/Android device compatibility; as such don’t require jail breaking for iPhone users. One can look for its availability on stores online. Note that there will be cell phone spy software without installation fees this means having limited features. If you wish to avail extensive monitoring features, the paid version is ideal. Highster’s mobile features include monitoring the ff:

  • SMS text messages & iMessages– old and deleted messaged are logged
  • GPS location – uploaded via periodic, regular intervals specifically on Google Map
  • Live Control Panel – this feature is the reason for positive reviews as it enables users to access all details on the target phone dynamically
  • Photos and Videos – all photos/videos taken by or received from someone else are viewable
  • Call logs – incoming and outgoing cell phone number is viewable complete with date and time
  • Browser history – restricting target users on certain websites
  • Social media logs – includes Facebook. Twitter, Skype, Instagram , etc.
  • Stealth camera – current surroundings of target phone user can be photo’d

Auto Forward Spy on the other hand has the same abovementioned features plus additional features:

  • Tracks email log
  • Monitor contacts – calendar logs, memo tool
  • Remotely uninstall apps on the target phone
  • Alerts will be given to you when a pre-designated search term is searched by the target
  • Monitor running apps
  • Remotely lock target phone anytime, anywhere especially if device is stolen
  • Blocks pre-designated apps on target phone

Privacy Concerns

Prior to installation of these spy apps, it wouldn’t hurt to do some research that would shy away from hustles of breaching privacy. Legalities may differ depending on what state or country you are situated that’s why it is best to consult on authorities.

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