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Top 5 Apps For Taking The Perfect Selfie Top 5 Apps For Taking The Perfect Selfie

Top 5 Apps For Taking The Perfect Selfie

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With the rise of social media and the invention of the selfie... Top 5 Apps For Taking The Perfect Selfie

With the rise of social media and the invention of the selfie stick, selfies are bigger than ever! Social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat have features that make it easy to snap and edit a selfie. Another way besides social media to take and edit a selfie is by using a cell phone application specifically for selfies. With many selfie apps on the market, how can you choose? We have narrowed down the top 5 selfie apps available on iOS and Android devices.

Best Selfie Apps



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LOVE the stickers!

Retrica is THE selfie app to try if you love filters! You can try different filters in real-time as you’re taking a selfie. This saves you time from having to find a filter later on when editing your selfie. There’s also a feature where you can create a selfie collage. Other effects offered include vignette, blur, stickers, and timer.

PIP Camera

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I heart this couple selfie!

If you want to truly have a unique selfie no one has, PIP is the selfie app to download! This app brings a more artistic look to the traditional selfie. There are three styles the app offers: PIP Style, Artistic Filters, and Magazine Style. PIP Style is the stand out feature in that you can take a selfie within a selfie such as the above photo. Want to have your couple selfie in a heart or your vacation selfie in a glass? This app can do that!

Microsoft Selfie

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Transform your selfie with the click of a button.

Microsoft Selfie is a great app if you want to enhance your photos. The application takes into consideration your age, gender, lighting, and skin tone when automatically enhancing your selfie. The mission of this cell phone app is to provide you with the most natural selfie that highlights your most beautiful features.


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Before and After Photo on Perfect 365.

Women, have you ever wanted to take a selfie when you have a GREAT hair day, but your makeup isn’t on point? Perfect365 can take care of that! This selfie app has over 20 makeup tools and over 200 preset HOT styles to choose from. It also provides you with daily makeup and beauty tips and you can share your photos on social media. Clearly, this app is a must-download when it has been featured on Allure and The Today Show!


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Get rid of your selfie blemishes with Facetune.

Don’t you hate when you take an AWESOME selfie but you have blemishes or yellow teeth? This selfie app is the solution. With Facetune, you can edit your teeth color, skin, eyes color, hair color, face shape, and makeup. That’s impressive! Who needs Photoshop anymore when you have this app? I know I don’t! 

Enjoy a selfie spree with these amazing apps! Highlight all that is beautiful about you and make your selfies show the true you.

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