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Top 10 Spy Software for 2016 Top 10 Spy Software for 2016

Top 10 Spy Software for 2016

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We have compiled a list of the top 10 spy software this year based on consumer reviews and product... Top 10 Spy Software for 2016

We have compiled a list of the top 10 spy software this year based on consumer reviews and product feature performance. There are lot of tracking devices sold in the market today that assure you of a hundred percent guarantee in ensuring the safety of the people you love. Thanks to our technology’s revolutionary invention, an Android and iPhone app locator can give you the power to monitor your loved ones 24/7 anytime and anywhere.

The Spy App Effect

Spy apps have already catered to a lot of people including anxious parents, businessmen, concerned sons and daughters, elderlies, boyfriends or girlfriends and spouses.

A cell phone monitoring software helps you locate the people dear to you to ensure their welfare as well as monitor their phone’s activity too. Some of the information you would be able to obtain from cell phone spy software are text messaging history, call logs, web viewing data, iMessages, photos or videos shared online as well as contacts.

Top 10 Spy Software of 2016

Mentioned below are the top cell phone spy software brands which happen to land a good spot in our list. We will be discussing their advantage and edge over the other brands in this short and concise review.

  1. Highster Mobile – being a consistent brand in the top 5 cell phone spy software in most reviews, Highster Mobile also offers tracking for Windows Phone and similar features to mSPY without the site blocking add-on.
  2. Auto Forward – works by remotely accessing data on the target phone and displaying it on your cell phone, tablet or computer. Get all texts (deleted and new), calls, GPS location and more.Collected data can be viewed on any internet capable device. A WiFi connection is recommended for optimal performance, but is not necessary as Auto Forward Spy can also display data if only a cellular signal (LTE or 3G) is available.
  3. DDI Utilities – The DDI Utilities iPhone Backup Extractor can recover contacts, pictures, call histories, MMS, iMessages and text messages, photos, videos, voicemail, calendar entries, notes, app files, saved games, and data that might otherwise be lost or inaccessible.
    Activities and data are sent to your Secure Online Account where it can be viewed by logging with your mobile device or computer. You won’t miss a beat!
  4. Easy Spy – Easy Spy will work on hundreds of cell phones including; iPhones, Android devices including those manufactured by; Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and many more!
  5. iKeyMonitor – It comes with a 3-day monitoring feature which makes it ideal for clients who are still getting the feel of a spy software. It also comes with multilingual support for users all over the world.
  6. MobileSpy – It comes with all features required of a spy software although iPhone devices with iOS 3.1 to 8.1 must be jailbroken for the app to work.
  7. Spy Bubble -It is available for Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry and iPhone versions (until the iPhone 7) provided that the phone should be jailbroken.
  8. Spyera – It caters to Symbian, Android Phones and Blackberry devices. However for iPhones, jailbreak is necessary for all versions.
  9. Phone Sheriff – It caters to all Android and Apple devices including tablets. Jailbreak is necessary for all versions.
  10. FlexiSpy – It caters to Symbian devices, Android, iPhones and Blackberry phones. Jailbreak is necessary for all versions.

Make sure to read consumer reports and feed backs to gain better information on the spy app of your choice.

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