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Top 10 Features of Highster Mobile Spy Top 10 Features of Highster Mobile Spy

Top 10 Features of Highster Mobile Spy

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What is Highster Mobile phone spy? It is a monitoring software application that can remotely monitor and review data from a specifically... Top 10 Features of Highster Mobile Spy

What is Highster Mobile phone spy? It is a monitoring software application that can remotely monitor and review data from a specifically targeted cell phone or smart device. Highster Mobile Spy offers many features that all have specific purposes and benefits making it the leading name in the industry.

What sets Highster Mobile Spy apart from other similar programs? The simplicity of use, remote access and lengthy list of features puts Highster Mobile best cell phone spy in a category by itself.

Compiled below is a list of current user’s favorite features offered on Highster Mobile Spy:

  1. The compatibility of the program

Aside from being easy to use it compatible with pretty much all cellular phone carriers. It works on Apple and Android products and also can be used on most prepaid phones.

  1. It still shows deleted content and messages

Anything that can be deleted can still be recovered and read by the person monitoring the device. This is a very important feature because if you are just checking your child’s phone without this spyware you can miss tons. Good thing this program has your back and can retract all deleted content.

  1. GPS on Command

Get a real-time location on your child or employee by activating the GPS command feature. You can pinpoint the location on an actual map. You don’t have to guess the user’s whereabouts because the spyware will show you.

  1. Hidden app exposure

Yes they actually make phone apps for people that can be hidden on the user’s phone (specifically from parents.) Snapchat and WhatsApp are the two most popular hidden apps that can be used to hide bad behavior. Highster Mobile Spy still shows content from hidden apps.

  1. Blocking application feature

The person monitoring the targeted device can set up (ahead of time) specific apps or programs you want blocked. This will prevent the download and use of that app.

  1. Alerts

This is a big one! Want to know how to spy on a cell phone? The spyware shows new and deleted browser history. Better than that you can set up search alerts with pre-designated terms. If any of those terms are entered you will be alerted. You will be able to determine what the user is looking at online. You will be able to see search fields and websites.

  1. Remote picture taking

The ability to access the camera on the device you’re monitoring is huge. You can actually see what is going on in the background.

  1. Remote lock

You can literally lock down the targeted cell phone in an instant remotely by activating the remote lock feature. This is very handy if the phone is lost or stolen. You can potentially protect photos and sensitive data that you don’t want open to the public.

  1. Accessibility to monitor

This is one of the most detailed features of the software. It allows you to monitor everything that happens on the phone. Phone calls, emails, messages, social media, chat apps, browsers, emails, photos & videos and all incoming and outgoing data.

  1. Applications manager

This allows you to see what apps are on the phone, that have been downloaded and which ones are actually running.

With all these amazing features and functions it is hard to imagine wanting anything more in a monitoring software. Highster Mobile Spy is the right choice in a monitoring program for your household or business.

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