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6 Things To Do Before Hiring A New Employee 6 Things To Do Before Hiring A New Employee

6 Things To Do Before Hiring A New Employee

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Is your business looking to hire new employees? Well, there are a number of things you should do before hiring someone. It... 6 Things To Do Before Hiring A New Employee

Is your business looking to hire new employees? Well, there are a number of things you should do before hiring someone. It doesn’t just involve interviewing the candidates and hiring a person on the spot. There’s a process to finding the best person for the job that would make a great addition to your company. Below, we’ve listed 6 things you must do before hiring new employees.

1. Review Their Resume, Portfolio, And References

To make sure job applicants are qualified for the position, it’s important to review their resume, portfolio (if they have one), and references. Often, applicants lie on their resume or have fake references just so they have a better chance at landing the job. To ensure that their expertise and references are real, ask the candidates specific questions during the interview process.

2. Interview The Candidates

Before hiring someone, as most employers know, you must interview the job applicants. Be prepared with a list of generic and out-of-the-box questions to ask the candidates. To see what they are capable of, provide them with a work scenario and ask them what their recommendations would be. During the interview, be observant as to whether they are on time, what they’re wearing, and their body language. Here are some more interview tips for employers.

3. Run A Background And Criminal Records Search

Businesses usually don’t want to hire a person who lacks the work experience required and has a criminal past. By conducting a background and criminal records search, you would be able to find out their criminal history, work experience, education, and more. This is a crucial step in the hiring process that all companies should do.

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4. Check Their Social Media Accounts

To get a sense of who a candidate is outside of work, check their social media accounts. Some things to look at include language, posts, comments, shares, and who they follow. This is necessary because most employers want to avoid hiring someone who uses excessive language, posts inappropriate content, and/or parties too much.

5. Inform Them About What The Job Entails

It’s important to make sure the applicants understand what exactly the job entails. This includes what they’ll be expected to do, who they’ll report to, and the job title and description. Also, the applicant should be aware of their potential salary, the number of vacation and sick days they’d get, and the health insurance options offered. If a candidate believes they’re not a good fit for the position, they’ll tell the company instead of wasting their time.    

6. Have Them Sign An Employment Contract

Before officially hiring employees, they must sign an employment contract. A contract will usually detail their job, salary, vacation and sick days, benefits, health insurance, workplace policies, confidentiality agreement, and termination terms and conditions. As part of the workplace guidelines, businesses should include policies regarding cell phone and social media use. All of this information is essential to have in a contract especially if a situation arises in the future. 


Make sure to do these 6 things next time you’re hiring employees. All of the above will help you find employees that’ll be great at their job and really benefit and contribute to your company.

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