10 Things To Ask Amazon Echo’s Alexa This Halloween

Amazon EchoPeople love the latest tech, especially the Amazon Echo. With Halloween approaching, it only seemed fitting to compile a list of questions and phrases to ask Alexa on this spooky holiday.

1. Alexa, What is Halloween?

This is a pretty basic Halloween question to ask Alexa. Apparently, there are two different ways to say Halloween: Halloween or Hallowe’en. Who calls this holiday Hallowe’en? Alexa takes the definition of Halloween from Wikipedia.

2. Alexa, Trick-or-Treat?

On Halloween, this is the main question all trick-or-treaters ask to receive candy. However, when asking Alexa, she sadly has no candy. Instead, she compliments on how sweet you are.

It’s nice that she makes the compliment, but the bottom line is that you still want the candy.

3. Alexa, What’s your favorite candy?

Ask Alexa this question and you will be surprised by the answer! You thought technology didn’t like candy? Well, apparently Alexa does! It is one of the most popular Halloween candies given out.  

4. Alexa, Boo!

This is mean, I know, but who wouldn’t want to try to scare the Amazon Echo? She has multiple responses for this phrase, so you may get a different answer each time you say it. 

5. Alexa, What should I be for Halloween?

Alexa has multiple answers as to what you should be for Halloween. She told me to be a Sloth. *Note: I will not be a sloth for Halloween. Thankfully, she didn’t answer with creepy clown!

6. Alexa, What will you be for Halloween?

What Alexa will be for Halloween differs. The two answers I have heard from her are Skynet (of course), and the Great and Terrible Oz. Will she eventually take over the world like in The Terminator?

7. Alexa, Are ghosts real?

No one will ever truly know. However, Alexa makes a good point while answering this question, comparing the definition of a ghost to herself.

8. Alexa, Tell me a witch joke.

Alexa’s jokes can be a mix of good and bad, but you still laugh. On top of asking the above, you can ask her to make a zombie or Halloween joke.

9. Alexa, Happy Halloween!

Why not wish Alexa a Happy Halloween? It’s the nice thing to do.

10. Alexa, Play Monster Mash.

Get your Halloween party started by asking your Amazon Echo to play Monster Mash. Who doesn’t love that song? I know I do!

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