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TheOneSpy Review TheOneSpy Review
TheOneSpy is one of many spy apps that can be used on Android phones, iPhones, Mac, or Windows. So, if you are... TheOneSpy Review

TheOneSpy is one of many spy apps that can be used on Android phones, iPhones, Mac, or Windows. So, if you are looking to monitor all of the devices your loved ones or employees have, TheOneSpy may have what you need. 

However, just because TheOneSpy offers more spy product options doesn’t mean it is superior. There are many downfalls that we noticed while testing their products including:

    • TheOneSpy plan pricing for monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans are very expensive when compared to the competitors. Many competitors like Auto Forward offer an affordable one-time payment option.
    • Their TOS XLite Edition Plan for Android is extremely limited with the features that are included. 
    • They list recording phone calls as an Android spy app feature which is illegal in the United States. 
    • With the Android and iPhone spy apps, rooting and jailbreaking are required to use certain features. 
    • You cannot purchase one program to monitor all your devices. 

In addition to these downfalls, there are several negative customer reviews online. They note that many are unable to receive refunds, the company’s technical and customer support teams are not helpful, and the app features don’t work as described, such as the GPS location tracker. 

Below, we describe all that TheOneSpy offers, but we do recommend opting for another cell phone spy app like Auto Forward. 

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How Does TheOneSpy Work? 

TheOneSpy Review Best Cell Phone Spy Apps

TheOneSpy works by completing a set of simple steps:

  1. Purchase TheOneSpy plan you want. 
  2. Follow the installation instructions provided by the company. 
  3. The target device data is then uploaded to your TheOneSpy cloud account. 
  4. Log into your cloud account to view the extracted data and send commands to the device.


What Are The Key Features of TheOneSpy? 

TheOneSpy features differ depending on the target device and the plan you choose. To give you a taste of the features that may be offered, here are the ones that come with TheOneSpy Android Monitoring App TOS Premium Edition Plan. 

    • Recording: Photos and sounds of device’s surroundings, live screen recording, and capture screenshots. 
    • Call Logs: History, call recording, incoming call restriction, and more. 
    • Password Chaser: Records device PINS, passwords, and pattern locks used. 
    • Keylogger: Records keystrokes that occur on the Android device specifically for WhatsApp, instant messaging, and recording passwords.  
    • Social Media & In-App Messages: Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, and more. The features for this depend on if you root the target Android phone. 
    • SMS Messages: View texting history. 
    • Location Tracking: Real-time phone location, location tracking via SMS, and Geofencing. 
    • Device Safety: Screen time settings, web filters and blocking, and remote phone locking. 
    • Emails: View all the emails sent and received on the target phone and their content. 
    • Media: View photos and videos stored on the phone. 
    • Contacts: View the contacts stored on the phone and their details. 
    • Calendar: See all calendar events added on the phone. 
    • Data Backup: Keep a record of the phone’s data. This is helpful in the event the target device is lost or stolen. 
    • Device Information: Battery level, IMEI number, phone model, device storage amount, and more. 
    • And many more. 


Is TheOneSpy Safe & Legal To Use? 

Yes, it is legal to use TheOneSpy. However, this only applies if you are a parent or guardian monitoring your child under the age of 18 or an employer monitoring your employees’ company-owned devices with their permission. 

However, upon further inspection, there are several features that’s legality is questionable. For example, it is often illegal to record someone’s phone calls. Other questionable features include recording the device’s surroundings and collecting the device owner’s passwords. 

So, if you do decide to purchase this product, be sure to check with your local and state laws before doing so. 


Is TheOneSpy The Best Spy App For You? 

This is simple – No. Overall, TheOneSpy doesn’t meet customer standards of what is considered a good spy app. The features are not up-to-par, the customer support is terrible, and the product is expensive. Not to mention that some of its features may be considered illegal to use. 

Overall, we do not recommend getting TheOneSpy. Instead, opt for a reliable and trustworthy spy app like Auto Forward. It includes all of the essential spying features, is perfectly legal to use, and is inexpensive with only costing a one-time payment of $29.99 or $69.99. 

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