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The SpyBubble Review The SpyBubble Review
Due to their efficiency and reliability, spy apps have become popular monitoring tools for parents and employers... The SpyBubble Review

Due to their efficiency and reliability, spy apps have become popular monitoring tools for parents and employers alike. Hence, more and more developers are launching their versions of this program. As consumers, however, it can be difficult to choose from hundreds of thousands of spy tools claiming to be the “best” software there is. 

The SpyBubble app is one of the modern cell phone spy apps that’s making much noise. We conducted a SpyBubble review to see if this program is something you can trust and rely on, or if there are other new software that could be better.


What Is The SpyBubble App? 

The SpyBubble app is a paid monitoring software that can be installed on any Android or iOS device to track popular messengers, know a user’s location, spy on calls and text messages, and more. Upon successful installation, the SpyBubble phone spy app promises remote real-time access to the device you wish to monitor.

As indicated on SpyBubble’s official website,, it’s a 100% safe and secure tool with an easy-to-navigate interface. The SpyBubble app is accessible from any browser, utilizing any internet-enabled device. They offer 24/7 customer support and free online assistance when initially installing their app. 

The SpyBubble app offers over 25 features that could help in tracking loved ones and confirm intuitions about your partner. It appears, however, you must first root or jailbreak the target phone to be monitored to fully access its advanced features. Plus, as what most SpyBubble reviews state, the general interface isn’t as user-friendly as other premium apps.


What Does SpyBubble Do?

So what exactly does SpyBubble do and how does SpyBubble work? Well, like any other monitoring software, this spy & tracking app establishes a strong connection during the installation process, linking the target device to their online servers. SpyBubble then tries to keep that connection to simultaneously extract and upload information.

SpyBubble is designed to work silently in the background. There are instances though, during our app tests, wherein it uncontrollably sends messages and pops up alerts. Hence, this spy app is not as stealthy as it claims to be, defying the very purpose of anonymous spying. 

Ideally, upon installation of the SpyBubble apk and software, the SpyBubble iPhone or Android spy software automatically starts gathering data and recording activities from the target device and simultaneously upload those to your online account. The access is supposed to be real-time but we experienced some delays (like what other SpyBubble reviewers say). The SpyBubble online dashboard is, indeed, easy to navigate but the reports are not as comprehensible as what other spy apps generate.



How To Install SpyBubble 

Before deciding to purchase this software, it’s important to understand the SpyBubble installation process. This is because it is not as straightforward as other monitoring apps like Turbo.

SpyBubble for Android

While SpyBubble is compatible with all Android OS versions, you must gain physical access to the target device (including all PINs or passcodes) to install the software. Also, to use the features you’ll need for in-depth monitoring, rooting the target device is necessary. 

Here’s how to install SpyBubble on Android. Should you encounter issues like we did (several times), reach out to their customer support.

  1. Purchase A Subscription – Choose whether you’d wish to purchase a basic or premium plan of the SpyBubble App for Android. Note that the difference between the two – features-wise – is very minimal, but the SpyBubble price difference is huge. 
  2. Install the Application – SpyBubble made it sound like a straightforward process of “just follow the on-screen instructions”, but it wasn’t as smooth as advertised. We did follow the instructions, but there were times we’ve been rerouted back and forth in between pages – the same is what’s stated on most SpyBubble reviews online.
  3. Complete The Setup Process –  After installing the SpyBubble software – which, from our experience, took way longer than expected – you may now activate it using a unique license key. Once done, access your dashboard from the SpyBubble login page. 


SpyBubble for iOS

The SpyBubble app is also compatible with all iOS versions. However, the non-jailbreak feature only applies to a select few. Moreover, to unlock the advanced functionalities and tools of SpyBubble, you’d need to jailbreak the target iOS device.

Similarly, the installation process consists of three stages only. You could contact their customer support for assistance, but then again, don’t expect to receive immediate or fast responses – various SpyBubble reviewers could attest to this. 

  1. Purchase A Subscription – Select the subscription of your choice – basic or premium – then fill out their online purchase form. Settle the payment then wait for the confirmation email which would contain further instructions. A SpyBubble free download for iPhone is unavailable. 
  2. Install The Application – Utilizing the link provided, initiate the SpyBubble installation process. Again, you’d need to first ensure the Android device is rooted or the iOS device is jailbroken. For iOS non-jailbreak version, be sure you know the user’s iCloud credentials. Either way, physical access to the device you wish to monitor is required to install SpyBubble. 
  3. Complete The Setup Process – Finalize the process to fully activate the SpyBubble software. You may then start monitoring utilizing the online account provided. 


Features & Benefits of SpyBubble

SpyBubble app offers tracking and monitoring features – from basic to advanced. It also provides certain parental controls and security settings. As what most SpyBubble reviews state though, don’t expect intricate and consistent monitoring services.

Here are the key features to expect to access depending on the subscription you avail of.

    • GPS Location Tracking – Finds the location of the user even if the GPS is turned off on the target mobile.
    • Call Logs Recording – Records details of incoming and outgoing calls, including numbers, caller IDs, and timestamps.
    • Messages Viewing and SMS Commands – Allows the viewing of conversations within third-party messengers and enables users to remotely send SMS text messages.
    • Third-Party Apps Management – Blocks unwanted apps, manages installed apps, and monitors running apps.
    • Online Browser and Social Media Monitoring – Tracks activities within online browsers and social media platforms.
    • Filters and Alerts – Enables the setting of content filters and alerts on certain keywords.


How Much Does SpyBubble Cost? 

The packages offered are paid and there’s no SpyBubble free trial. Plus, unlike Turbo, per se, this mobile spy app charges fees per month. Though it could be a better choice for one-time users, SpyBubble won’t be as ideal if you wish to monitor someone’s device for the long term.

Their SpyBubble Basic Plan costs $25 per month. This grants access to calls, SMS & MMS, multimedia files, GPS locations, emails, contacts, calendar, browsing history & website bookmarks, keyword alerts, and installed applications.

Their SpyBubble Premium Plan costs $59 per month. However, if you avail of a 3-month subscription, you’ll only be charged $99, and $168 for a 12-month subscription. You’ll get access to the basic features as well as the advanced functionalities.


Is SpyBubble Legal To Use? 

Spy apps, in general, have been approved to be available on the market in the condition they only be used for legal and lawful purposes. Here are some instances where SpyBubble can be used:

    • Monitoring of a minor child.
    • Monitoring of a company-issued device provided there’s a proper notification or an acquired signed consent from the employee.
    • Monitoring a device that’s strongly believed to be a big part of an ongoing investigation or criminal case.

One of the red flags we’ve found about SpyBubble is that this spy software actually records phone call conversations and not just call logs. In most states and counties, call tapping is illegal. Hence, be sure to learn your local laws first to avoid any legal ramifications.


Final Thoughts

All features showcased on SpyBubble’s official website are surely enticing. By theory, the app offers modern and concrete solutions. Unfortunately, their algorithms lack accuracy and strength because there are frequent crashes and latencies. There are SpyBubble reviews claiming the software suddenly stopped working after just a few days of use and some even claim they weren’t able to use the app at all. 

Even if we disregard the questionable efficiency of the features, SpyBubble is expensive compared to other monitoring tools. Plus, there’s a grey area on SpyBubble’s credibility as when you click on the Buy Now button, you’re rerouted to a different page under a different name, mSpy.

So, if you’re looking for a cell phone spy software to trust and rely on, there are better apps than SpyBubble. You might want to try Turbo Phone Monitoring App – also one of the newest monitoring tools on the market offering high-functioning features. For a one-time payment only, you’ll gain access to their various tracking tools, monitoring features, parental controls, and security settings. You can also start utilizing the app on any Android or iOS device without the need for rooting or jailbreaking. 

So far, TurboSpy remains to be one of the most competitive spy apps we’ve ever encountered. It’s efficient, reliable, and easy to use. Should you wish to know more about the app, here’s a detailed review we’ve conducted for Turbo.

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