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The Parents Watchdog: Highster Mobile Spy App The Parents Watchdog: Highster Mobile Spy App

The Parents Watchdog: Highster Mobile Spy App

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Are you a working parent concerned with what your child is up to? Has the behavior of your child changed? Are you a parent... The Parents Watchdog: Highster Mobile Spy App

Are you a working parent concerned with what your child is up to? Has the behavior of your child changed? Are you a parent worried of the way your child is using the device you provide them with? Do you suspect that your child is abusing their phone or computer at their disposal? The parents control software clears your suspicions and worries.

A spy app is an application that is installed by the parent on the device the child is using to enable the parent monitor every activity that the child does. It is so reliable and simple to use because once you install it, it is hidden in the device that your child is using and they can never know you are monitoring them. As easy as ABC you simply log in to your account to see the updates on what your child is upto no more stress or grounding of parents, no more bodyguards to always check on your child.

The software has a lot of features that any parent that cares will definitely need. A child is a treasure that must be valued and taken care of. As a parent your responsibility is to monitor what your child does and ensure that their activities are benefit them and not harming them.

Highster Mobile spy apps allow you to monitor all chat made by your children on social media such as face book, twitter, and Instagram among others. The parent is able to view who the child chats with and what they are saying and be able to advice your child on specific issues that the child is doing that you feel is not right and good for their development.

The software also has a future that monitors the location of your child’s device. With this you cannot go wrong as a parent because you will always monitor where your visits .This feature also enables you to trace where your child’s device is whenever they get lost. Therefore you don’t need to worry on hiring an investigation team to find your child’s device.

The spying apps also come with a feature that enables you to see all the people that your child is in contact with. It gives you the information on all the contact numbers that are available in the contact of the device. This will allow you to know who your child frequently talks to and for what reason and interest do they have in common. This may be efficient for kids who are in a stage of identifying themselves and forming peer groups for one reason or another. It also enables you to block them in any case they are of bad influence.

In screening the videos that your child watches, the device has a feature that enables the parent to monitor all the videos that the child views. It secretly records videos from the child’s device and send them to you. A parent does not have to take the device of the child to scroll and see what’s going on in the device.

The best thing about the Highster Mobile spy software and the reason why it’s called a parents watchdog, is that it does not only allows you to put a control to your child’s phone usage time to allow them do other things such as studying, but also goes beyond that to allow you to control who they can and can’t communicate with. Block websites and applications that you do not want them to access. Other features includes; remote monitoring of Gmail account, automatic screenshots, keystroke log and device location reporting.

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