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Hey, my name is Pat Stanley and I've been involved with software to...

spy text messagesHey, my name is Pat Stanley and I’ve been involved with software to spy texts and spy gadgets since 2007. Back then I was stuck in a bad marriage, I had no money and I needed to do some of my own “investigating”. So, one thing led to another and over years I have amassed a rather large library of knowledge and experience with this type of stuff.


Top 3 Text Message Spy

1. PhoneSpector – (Video Demo)

2. Highster Mobile – (My Review)

3. Auto Forward Spy – (My Review)


Over the years I have learned that there are three basic things you need to look for when buying text message spy software. They are;

1. Telephone Number – Be sure that whichever product you are looking at has a working telephone number on the website that employs REAL people who can answer your questions. This is a good sign that the company is legitimate. And do yourself a favor and call the number! Ask a few basic questions like; How does it work?, or Where is your company located?

2. No Monthly Fees – Stay away from them! How many times have you signed up for a subscription and cancelled only to be billed “a few” extra times before the charges actually stop? Don’t buy any spy app that has monthly fees! There are plenty out there that you can buy for one low price and NEVER have to pay again. My reviews will show you the best of those apps.

3. Customer Support – It is very important to find a company that offers SUPPORT for their product. These apps do not install or function the same as apps that you purchase from the App Store or Google Play. They require more interaction and I can guarantee that most of you will need assistance with the app somewhere along the way. The apps I have reviewed will get back to you VERY quickly so there is no waiting around. You are probably pretty anxious and the last thing you want to do is waste time!


Spy on Texts with Utility Apps


text-spy-1Utility programs like Norton Utilities have been around for many years. They are a great tool for digging deep into the file structure of any computer. Now companies have started to make similar utility programs for digging into the file structure and memory of cell phones and mobile devices. These programs, or “apps” as they are called, enable an average person to spy on text messages better and more efficient than ever before! PhoneSpector is one of these programs.

PhoneSpector enables you to see virtually everything that happens on a cell phone or mobile device without actually having that device in your possession. If you have ever tried a regular text spy program, you’ll see that DDI Utilities is a much more powerful. It can reach much deeper into the file structure of a mobile device than any regular spy app can.

I came across a demo that shows exactly how PhoneSpector works. Take a look.



What I’ve done for you is compiled the three best phone spy programs . Each of the programs below will be able to get old and deleted text messages for you. This will work in two ways; First, if a person is sending and receiving text messages and deletes them immediately after they are sent or received, these programs will capture that data and make it available to you. Second, these programs will be able to extract text messages that have been deleted from as far back as a few months to possibly one year ago.

There are a lot of spy programs on the internet that make outrageous, James Bond-like claims, so it is important that you do your research and find a program that actually works.

In the next paragraphs you will see what I have found to be the best spy apps on the internet.


Top 3 Apps To Spy Text Messages

Each of the programs I have reviewed is absolutely capable of getting the job done for you so you can get the information you need and move on with things. So, take a look at the reviews I have provided below and choose a program that is best for you.

Important: The programs I have reviewed below will be undetectable on the target phone. Each of these will allow you to view text messages from the monitored phone from any mobile device or computer. All you need is an Internet connection or a signal from your cell phone provider.


#1 PhoneSpector (Recommended: Works with all Androids and iPhones. No access. No possession needed.)

A relative newcomer on the scene is PhoneSpector. PhoneSpector is a cell phone spy program that operates very similar to the others listed on this page. It has proven to be a very reliable app to spy text messages and gather other information from any cell phone or mobile device.

In addition to its ability to spy on text messages, PhoneSpector can also retrieve social media information, photos, videos, website history and a lot more from any android device or iPhone. Everything about this program is very neat, clean and organized. From its website to the program that gets loaded to the mobile device, this program operates exceedingly well.

During my testing, I was very pleased to see that PhoneSpector Spy did everything it was advertised to do. Text messages, calls, GPS location and all other available information was made easily available via their mobile user online account which is accessible through any mobile device or desktop unit. PhoneSpector is excellent for any parent who needs to monitor their child or for any employer who is in need of monitoring employee activity on company-owned devices.

Read more about PhoneSpector

#2 Highster Mobile (Most powerful. Works with all Androids and iPhones.)

highster mobileOne of the oldest and best spy software packages on the market remains Highster Mobile. This program has been on the market for over seven years and has always had a reputation of being powerful and reliable. There are probably thousands of reviews on the Internet praising its power and strength and ease-of-use. After having used this program I am among those who are impressed.

Like its counterpart, also forward, Highster Mobile is also very capable and effective at retrieving old and deleted text messages from cell phones. Customers have reported retrieving text messages as much as one-year-old from the target phone. Highster Mobile can also capture text messages that are sent and received, but deleted immediately thereafter. In other words, if a person sends a text message or receives a text message, then deliberately deletes the message, Highster Mobile can capture that text message and make it available to you. While auto forward is capable of the same thing, Highster Mobile seems to do it just a little bit better.

Installation and use of this program is also quite easy. The program can be installed in less than three minutes and you can have information sent from the target phone directly to your own mobile device. As long as you have an Internet connection or a cellular data connection you can monitor any phone from anywhere. The program is extremely flexible and powerful.

To read more about Highster Mobile CLICK HERE

#3 Auto Forward Spy (Great for beginners. Easy to use. Gets info fast!)

spy text messagesAuto Forward Spy is a cell phone spy program that can spy text messages very effectively. The program has been on the market for more than five years and has helped hundreds of thousands of customers get the information they need to make their lives more peaceful.

Over the years, also forward has been upgraded several times to the point that now it operates near flawlessly. The program can easily retrieve text messages from any android device and any supported iPhone or iPad. Also forwards true strength is spying on android devices, which it does very effectively. The programs truth strength is its ability to retrieve old and deleted text messages not only from android devices but also from iPhones and iPads. I have not  tested any other spy application as effective as auto forward.

Auto forward can be installed by using a simple OTA (over-the-air) link which enables the  program to remotely connect to the device that is being monitored and extract information from it. This information is then uploaded to a secure online account where it can be viewed on your cell phone, tablet or computer, whichever is most convenient for you.

To see how easy it is to install Auto Forward and how it works CLICK HERE

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