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The Best Message Tracking Apps For Teen Monitoring The Best Message Tracking Apps For Teen Monitoring

The Best Message Tracking Apps For Teen Monitoring

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Social media enables anyone, regardless of their age, gender, and point of origin, to easily connect. Aside from the ability to post... The Best Message Tracking Apps For Teen Monitoring

Social media enables anyone, regardless of their age, gender, and point of origin, to easily connect. Aside from the ability to post or share content that could be set to be accessed by the public, social networking sites also have built-in private or direct messaging services. Hence, maintaining constant communication with loved ones, as well as meeting new people, is now accessible more than ever. 

However, not all digital platforms of these kinds are appropriate for younger audiences. While certain safety nets and parental controls are now being incorporated into these apps, there’s always the possibility of minors being exposed to explicit content or falling victims to cybercrimes. Social engineering and cyberbullying are only two of the many reasons parents must monitor their teen’s phone activities. Here’s how to do just that using the right monitoring tools.

Is Teen Monitoring Legal?

Yes, teen monitoring is technically legal in almost all states of the country. The details and technicalities may slightly vary per jurisdiction, but in most cases, here are some basic requirements that make teen monitoring legal and lawful.

  • The teen being monitored is a minor (generally below 18, but in some places, they only allow monitoring of kids aged 13 and below).
  • The teen has a disability and is dependent on their parents (even if they’re no longer a minor).
  • The teen is properly notified about the monitoring.
  • The teen has voluntarily agreed to the monitoring and all agreed terms.

In general, the state allows regulating screen time and monitoring phone activities merely just to protect, and not to invade privacy. In fact, adult supervision is highly recommended, especially now that cybercrime rates continue to rise. 

How Message Tracking Works and Ensure Safe Teens?


As the term implies, message tracking refers to the process of remotely monitoring one’s messages – from SMS or iMessages to emails to chat conversations to private messages. This action can be executed through the help of tech-advanced spy apps.

Spy apps are types of mobile applications that are capable of remotely accessing online and offline activities from compatible mobile devices. These are programmed with various tracking tools and monitoring features. The elite or premium versions even showcase in-depth parental controls and security protocols – such as those services offered by Highster Mobile and Auto Forward.

These apps make use of cutting-edge technologies for the smooth and simultaneous transmission of data. A virtual connection is established as soon as the app is installed via an over-the-air link. This connection is what links the monitored device to the app’s remote servers, and it serves as a safe and secure pathway for obtained data.

Monitoring apps can capture a wide array of files and details available on the target phone, including:

  • SMS Texts and Email Messages
  • Third-party Messenger Chat Conversations
  • Phone Contacts and Call Logs
  • Multimedia Files and Media Assets
  • GPS Locations
  • Social Media Activities
  • Web Browsing History
  • Phone Diagnostics

Spy apps are designed with modern tools that could provide modern solutions for modern parenting. When used properly, such software can significantly help in ensuring the safety of your kids. Here are some of the reasons why parents must consider installing trusted and reliable spy software.

  • To keep tabs on their social media and other online activities.
  • To monitor who your teen is talking to.
  • To protect your teen from malicious or abusive users.
  • To regulate your teen’s screen time.
  • To steer your teen away from explicit content and inappropriate sites/apps.
  • To track your teen’s whereabouts. 

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Phone Monitoring Software

There are a myriad of variations and versions of spy apps on the market. And while these are generally created for safety and security,  not all monitoring apps are equally efficient and effective. Some are more advanced than others, some are more accessible, some are more user-friendly, and some are more competitive as a whole.

To ensure you end up installing a reliable one, here are some key factors you must look into in parental control apps.

  • Device Compatibility. Your teen’s cell phone, especially its OS version, must be supported by the spyware you choose to actually use it.
  • Dashboard Accessibility. No matter how complex the programming is to ensure advanced features, the overall interface must be accessible and user-friendly.
  • Package Inclusions. Check out inclusions and ensure the feature you need – such as SMS or chat messages monitoring – is available.
  • Software Reliability. Updates must be real-time and accurate, and the software itself shouldn’t impede or disturb the normal functionalities of the target device.
  • Tech Support. Just in case you come across any technical issues, it’s good to know there’s someone you can reach out to.
  • Subscription Plans. The price must be reasonable and the software must be capable of providing great value for your money.

Top 3 Text Messages Tracking Apps

To save you from the time-consuming work of scouring the market to identify the best cell phone spy software, we’ve proactively done that on your behalf. Here are three of the most efficient parental monitoring apps to help you remotely monitor your teen’s messages.

This is an all-in-one spy software that supports all versions and types of iOS and Android devices. It can display messages exactly as they appear on your teen’s phone. Plus, all updates are real-time and accurate.

This is tech-advanced monitoring software that uses cutting-edge technologies to remotely and accurately capture all online and offline conversations. It’s super easy to install and super easy to navigate. 

This modern and powerful spy software is programmed to dig deep into your teen’s phone to collate all available data and activity logs. It captures every message sent and received via SMS and third-party messaging apps.


Being privy to your teen’s phone activities is one great way of steering them away from dangers and threats. To ensure optimum results, be sure to equip yourself with the right tools and the  proper knowledge. 


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is it safe that my minor teen is already using private messaging apps? 

In general, third-party messaging apps allow users aged 13 and up. Nevertheless, parents are basically responsible to take precautionary measures and ensure their minor kids are properly equipped and protected. 

  • Should parents look through their kids’ messages?

There could actually be consequences, but provided that you start on the right foot by sitting down and talking with your kids, they sure will understand. After all, parents should protect their kids through social media monitoring or remote message monitoring.

  • What can spy apps check aside from text messages?

Aside from text messages and chat conversions, spy apps can also capture emails, GPS locations, phone call logs, multimedia files, social media activities, web browsing history, and so much more.

  • What must be the limitations of teen monitoring?

Child monitoring must only be done for their safety and security. Their privacy is where you must set the line. If you think or if they think you’re already invading their privacy, you must stop or take back a few steps immediately.


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