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The Best Cell Phone Finder Detective Apps The Best Cell Phone Finder Detective Apps
What Are Cell Phone Finder Detective Apps? Cell phone finder detective apps help you track down a cell phone’s location... The Best Cell Phone Finder Detective Apps

What Are Cell Phone Finder Detective Apps?

Cell phone finder detective apps help you track down a cell phone’s location like a real detective. Finding its location in real-time, along with uncovering phone activities, texts, emails, photos, videos, and more! So, if anyone you know is hiding something from you, you can find out immediately.

These apps were created to work on the latest iPhone and Android smartphone models and operating systems. The installation process for cell phone finder detective apps is usually simple and fast, but may differ depending on the phone you’re looking to snoop on. So you don’t get caught, you can remotely track the phone from your own devices.

By using these type of apps, you can become your own cell phone detective!

FAQs About Cell Phone Detective Apps

cell phone finder detective apps

1. How Accurate Is The GPS Location Feature?

A cell phone detective free or paid app can track a phone’s real-time location within 50 feet. This information is updated about once every 10-minutes on the app.

2. How Do I Access The Information?

You can access the phone information from your app dashboard, which is provided to you by the company. Your dashboard can be accessed from your own smartphone, tablet, or computer.

3. Can I Use The App To Track Multiple Devices?

Usually, these applications only allow you to track one device at a time. However, the main companies offering this type of product have an extended download warranty. This would allow you to keep track of multiple smartphones at once.

4. Is There Customer Support Available For These Applications?

Typically, the cell phone finder detective app companies provide customer support. Usually, the number and/or email to contact is listed on the company’s site, and is open Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm EST. Based on our research, the support representatives are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.

The Best Cell Phone Finder Detective Apps

1. PhoneSpector (Great For Android And iPhone)

PhoneSpector is the best cell phone finder detective app on the market! They offer both iPhone and Android apps that are simple and easy to work. Many customers love that they can remotely monitor a phone without being detected. This is essential when trying to be a cell phone detective who doesn’t want to be caught!

With PhoneSpector, you can track everything from the phone’s location, to call logs, to social media. Plus, you would be able to monitor private messaging apps like Kik, WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger.

To learn more about PhoneSpector, read our full review.

2. Auto Forward (Best For Android Smartphones)

cell phone finder detective apps

If you’re looking to use a phone and call detective app on an Android smartphone, Auto Forward is the best choice for you! This app has been praised for its excellent capability to track a wide variety of Android phones including:

  • Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, HTC, and LG phone devices.
  • Android phones running on Android 3 – 9 operating systems.

Just like PhoneSpector, it can monitor practically all Android phone activities such as:

  • Texts (even deleted ones)
  • Call Log
  • Real-Time Location
  • Photos and Videos
  • Private Messages
  • Social Media Activities
  • Google Chrome Browsing History
  • Calendar Events

That’s impressive! Read our Auto Forward Review to learn more.

3. Highster Mobile (Best For iPhones)

cell phone finder detective

For those looking to be an iPhone detective, Highster Mobile is the best cell phone finder detective app for you! With this product, there’s no need to jailbreak the device and you will never be locked out. You’ll be able to monitor iPhone activities such as iMessages, iCloud emails, App Store downloads, Safari web browsing history, phone location, photos, videos, and more!

Also, this iPhone detective app is compatible with the latest iPhone Models and operating systems:

  • iPhones 5 – XR
  • iOS 7 – 12.2

Read the full review of Highster Mobile here.


Well, that concludes our article on the best cell phone finder detective apps and what they do. To become a cell phone detective yourself, utilize one of these trustworthy apps! If you want to dive deeper into learning about a number, here’s how to track a phone number.  

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