Texting, the Trouble it Causes for Teens and How Cell Phone Monitoring Can Help

cell phone monitoringTexting has become more than just a means of communication for today’s generation of teens; it’s become more of an epidemic. Teens today can’t even put the phone down to behave normally in most social situations. It has led to various issues for teens, which I’ll get to later in this article, but none the less these issues need to be brought into the light. Teens are such impressionable individuals that need to be guided into the best kind of person they can be.

cell phone monitoring

Teens have almost become synonymous with texting, in fact 75 percent of them text on a daily basis. Most of these kids even text upwards of 2,500 text messages a month. This may not seem like a ridiculous amount, but when you think about it don’t teens usually sleep until noon anyway? So in half the day there texting this many times?! So what do we do to get their attention for the important things like school and homework? Cell phone monitoring software is the answer! With this kind of software you can protect your children from falling victim to these issues:

  • Risky Behavior: Not sure what came first; texting or risky behavior, but texting has definitely perpetuated risky teenage behavior like sexting.
  • Distraction in school: Children just aren’t mature enough to resist the temptation to text their friends and not make the most of their educational opportunity.
  • Physical problems: The sheer volume of texts that a teenager sends per day has been seen to cause tendinitis in the wrists and fingers.

Other issues that can arise from texting too much can include depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders according to NYTimes article, “Texting May Be Taking a Toll.”

cell phone monitoringTexting is also taking a toll on the rate at which children
mature now as well. As stated by the author, texting makes communication so easy that no one has to make a decision for themselves anymore. Teenagers, while they may be independent from their parents in a physical sense, they are still so dependent on them that sometimes 15 times a day they’ll text mom or dad with trivial questions like, ‘Should I get the red shoes or the blue shoes?’ that could’ve otherwise been answered by themselves. In turn by giving our children these smart phones to keep in touch with us we’re inevitably making them less independent for themselves.

Of course the main reason that we give our children cell phones in the first place is to make sure they remain safe. Unfortunately we can never be 100 percent sure how safe our children are, but with Highster Mobile cell phone spy software you can at least make sure your child is being safe on their cell phones. With Highster Mobile’s software you can see all calls, social media messages, emails, GPS locations, and even text messages! With this kind of software now you can see if your darling daughter is getting a D in math just because it’s hard or if she’s being distracted talking to her best friend all class. By using this software you can make sure you raise the most well-rounded, socially adequate teenager that doesn’t text 24/7.

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