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Text Message Tracking 101 Text Message Tracking 101

Text Message Tracking 101

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How can you spy on text messages? Text messages are the new secret code. Where else can someone have a conversation right in front of... Text Message Tracking 101

How can you spy on text messages?

Text messages are the new secret code. Where else can someone have a conversation right in front of other people with complete privacy? Whether its in the office, in the home, or anywhere else, text messages are a form of communication with greater expectations of privacy than a phone conversation, an email exchange, or even a face to face chat. There are no voices to overhear, and, unlike a computer screen, it’s very difficult for someone to read over your shoulder if you don’t want them to.

All that makes text messaging an attractive choice for people who want to discuss things they don’t want others to know about. And if you’re the one paying for their phones, as with a dependent or even an employee, they could even be keeping things from you on the phone you pay for.

But if you are the phone owner, there are ways you can spy on text messages. There are cell phone spy software programs like HighsterMobile, that will allow you to see every text message that comes to or from a monitored phone. Here’s how you set it up.

Step #1 choose and purchase your software

Once you purchase the software (For example Highster Mobile at for a one-time fee of $69.99), you will immediately receive an email with a download link, username, password and license key that will allow you to load the text message spy software onto the targeted phone.

Step #2 Install the software on the target device

The installation will require you to have unrestricted access to the mobile device you want to track. You mush have physical access to the device, and you mush have password access. The installation will only take about five minutes and can be done over the phone’s internet connection or via a USB cable or even a wireless, Bluetooth connection for phones without internet.

Step #3 Sit back and let the app collect data

Once the spy phone app is loaded onto the target device, it starts collecting data automatically. It collects every text message sent to or from the targeted device, including the identity of all senders and recipients, as well as the complete content of the text message. Advanced tools like Highster Mobile also collect up similar data from as many as 15  monitoring functions. This software tracks emails sent to and from the phone, as well as logging all calls to and from the phone, monitoring its location by GPS, and tracking all apps on the phone and their use, so you get lots of information from text messages and virtually everything else that takes place on the targeted phone.

Step #4 View the data from your own device.

The spy app sends all the data from the target phone to a secure online server, where it is stored for your review. This data is independent of the data kept on the phone, so even messages deleted from the phone are kept in the log. You can access and view all this data via your own user dashboard, which will show you virtually everything that took place on the target device. The dashboard can be accessed from a computer or from your own mobile device at your convenience.

Step #5 Is up to you

Once you know what’s being sent in those mysterious texts you keep hearing ping into the target phone, it’s up to you to decide what to do with that knowledge. If it gives you peace of mind to know that the ‘secret’ messages are harmless chatter, that’s great. If it lets you know that someone you trust can’t be trusted, then that’s probably at least good to know. In any case, the advantage is now yours, and it’s up to you to decide what to do next.

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