Latest Tech Updates: Gboard Emojis, Facebook GIFs, and More!

emojisGboard, Facebook, and Twitter were recently updated to make the user experience that much better! From drawing emojis to GIFs on Facebook, here are the latest tech updates you should be aware of. 


Texting with Gboard just got a whole lot more exciting! If you don’t know what Gboard is, it’s a typing keyboard created by Google that’s available for download on iOS and Android devices.

With the most recent Gboard update, the keyboard can anticipate phrases you are texting and recognize emojis from you drawing them. For example, if you are starting to type “How Are You?”, the Gboard could anticipate that you are typing that phrase. The new drawing emoji search option is great for those who are addicted to texting emojis! When you next try to use Gboard, try drawing these most used emojis!



This past March, there were other Gboard updates users should be aware of. First, the keyboard offers GIF suggestions which can be shared on most social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Also added was a Google Translate option where a user can click the translate button and translate their words into the language they desire.


To celebrate the 30th birthday of the GIF, Facebook rolled out its new GIF comment feature. With it, Facebook users can comment using GIFs on the mobile app. Also released were new status color backgrounds, such as the one below.


New Facebook Status Color Background. (Source: Facebook)


Twitter redesigned its interface to make the Android and iOS apps look similar. The most significant design change is the mobile app sidebar, which is now accessed by clicking on your profile picture. The sidebar includes your follower count, profile, lists, moments, settings and privacy, and help center all in one place. This helps make the app look less cluttered.

Next time you use Gboard, Facebook, and Twitter, make sure to check out these latest tech updates.

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