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Tech We’re Looking Forward To in 2016 Tech We’re Looking Forward To in 2016

Tech We’re Looking Forward To in 2016

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2016 may be almost half over but there’s no denying that it’s been an exciting year for tech. Between the upcoming Oculus Rift and... Tech We’re Looking Forward To in 2016

2016 may be almost half over but there’s no denying that it’s been an exciting year for tech. Between the upcoming Oculus Rift and more, 2016 just might be the year of the future. But there’s plenty of novel gadgets and new tools that haven’t received the same amount of attention as the Oculus or some of the more high profile releases from companies like Nintendo and Sony. But we’re looking forward to these neat gadgets nevertheless. Here’s tech we’re looking forward to in 2016.

SciO Food Scanner

Take the guess work out of analyzing calories and nutritional content with the SciO Food Scanner. This pocket-sized molecular sensor can help you scan the caloric content of food by analyzing its chemical makeup. The SciO will be available for purchase later this year and is currently available for preorder. Apps for the SciO can analyze additional products such as medication and more.

A Smart Umbrella?

The Internet of Things is becoming a reality. One especially notable smart gadget happens to be the umbrella. This handy umbrella doesn’t just protect you from rain. It actually helps alert you about potential rainstorms and sends reminders to take it along with you if the weather seems particularly nasty. It may not be a hoverboard but the oombrella brings us one step closer to a future where our objects have a brain of their own.

Hydrao Smart Shower

We all love taking long showers but there’s no denying that we waste an incredible amount of water every time we take a shower. Enter the Hydrao Smart Shower. This novel shower head, which uses Bluetooth to connect to an iPhone/iPad app, will send you notifications if you’re wasting too much water, changing colors to mark how many gallons you’ve showered with.

Say Good-Bye to Refrigerator Magnets

Okay, so they’re fun to collect. But what if we told you that the concept of the refrigerator magnet was due for an upgrade? Enter Samsung’s own Family Hub fridge. This handy fridge comes with a LCD screen. You can use this fridge to do everything from crafting grocery lists, leaving notes for your kids and spouse, to even ordering food. It’s the smartest fridge, although it won’t stop you from opening it over and over again while looking for a midnight snack.

Better Wearables

As wearables grow in popularity, we’re starting to see more intricate, advanced wearables. Companies are beginning to produce everything from wearable jewelry to smart clothing, like the Lumo Run line of shorts and capris that can actually track running data while you’re wearing them. 2016 is the year of the wearable and like smartphones, wearables are gearing up to become a basic facet of life, helping users track everything from fitness data to biometrics. Keep your eye out for smart clothing and accessories over the next few months.

Health Products

2016 is the year of better health tech too. Take the Withings Thermo thermometer. Able to connect to Wi-Fi, it provides a non-intrusive way to take temperatures, perfect for babies and adults, by pressing up against the temporal artery. Temperatures taken by the Withings Thermo thermometer are more accurate and more sanitary (no more sticking a thermometer under your toddler’s tongue). There’s also a myriad array of health products targeted at women, including Wi-Fi connected pregnancy test kits and eye lid massagers. There’s a lot to love about personal health products this year and along with wearables, technology is enabling everyone to access more accurate, more personable health gear that allows users to take control of their health.

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