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Kids Spy Gear & Tools Parents Need To Try! Kids Spy Gear & Tools Parents Need To Try!

Kids Spy Gear & Tools Parents Need To Try!

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It’s a parent’s job to protect their children and make sure they’re safe. But how can this be done without coming off as... Kids Spy Gear & Tools Parents Need To Try!

It’s a parent’s job to protect their children and make sure they’re safe. But how can this be done without coming off as over-protective? The solution is using spy gear to monitor your child’s activities online and offline. Being a technology spying expert, I have compiled a list to the best kids spy gear from stealth spy apps for android to internet routers.

Spy Software

Spy Software tools are incredibly useful in day-to-day life as a parent. They allow you to monitor what your children are doing on a daily basis. Using stealth spy apps for Android and iPhone, you can obtain access to important information on your child’s device. The information that can be obtained are things such as: Location, Text Messages, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Parental Control App

It is the 21st century and we have gotten to a point where our phones are like mini computers. Smart devices can now load and access the same web pages that computers can. Google’s algorithms are also leading more towards a mobile-first search engine(everything must be optimized for mobile) and not to mention that phones are still our primary way of communication. Because we are able to do so much with smartphones, children have what may feel like unlimited communication options with these devices. Phones have gotten so diverse, that initiating conversation with strangers is at an all-time high. Often times, parents struggle to find a solution to this issue, but that’s most likely because they have no idea about parental control apps. Parental control apps help you to limit your child’s cell phone usage and monitor what they’re doing on a day-to-day basis.

NetGear Parental Control Router

The internet is an avenue filled with tons of information for kids to access and it is a digital library for continuous learning. Many people can attest that the internet plays a massive role in their everyday life in regards to education. But like anything else, too much of it can be counterproductive to your daily lifestyle. Parents must face that the internet isn’t only filled with educational content, but explicit content as well. Limiting your child’s use of the internet is necessary if you don’t want their mind to be corrupted by the bad things online. The Netgear Parental control router helps to expedite the process. They not only give you the control to restrict your child’s usage of the internet but also allow you to know important details such as who your children are talking to, what videos your children are watching, and more.


Microsoft allows users to add their children to a Microsoft Family account. In the Microsoft Family account, you will receive a weekly report directly to your email address. In that email, you will see a summary of their activity on their computer, Microsoft game system, and any Windows 10 device in general.

A child’s safety is the most important thing when it comes to parenting. Sometimes certain measures must be taken to ensure the safety of your child, even if it means that you have to use stealth spy apps for Android and iPhone to accomplish that goal. 

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