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Spyera Review

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The global market for mobile phone spying applications has been growing rapidly over... Spyera Review

spyera-for-phone-spyphoneThe global market for mobile phone spying applications has been growing rapidly over the last couple of years. Today, there are many companies offering spyware programs with excellent capabilities. Spyera is one such software application that has made quite a name for itself in this highly competitive market. In this review, I will try to help you with some of my most important findings while using this program.

Spyera mobile spying application is equipped with many useful features that any user would love to use. This program can be a great choice if you are looking for features such as live call listening and recording, ambient listening and recording, location tracking, message tracking, e-mail tracking, IM message capturing, etc. Interestingly, Spyera is also capable of moving the application to another device when the target phone device is changed.

In spite of these features, Spyera is not the most feature rich of all spying applications because it doesn’t have the necessary tools for website filtering. As a result, Spyera is not the best available option in the market to restrict the target device from accessing certain types of content.

Those looking to purchase Spyera mobile tracking program must also remember that this program can be quite difficult to use for some users, particularly those with limited technical knowledge. The Hong Kong based creators have certainly done a nice job, but they may have missed a trick by ignoring the requirements of the common users. iPhone users must be extra careful about choosing Spyera because their device must be jailbroken in order to install the software. Making things worse, the company only offers limited technical support with no live chat facility at all.

I would conclude this brief review by saying that Spyera is an excellent product for users that are well versed with advanced technology. However, honestly speaking, this is not the best alternative for people that are not comfortable dealing with high end technology.

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