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Spy Software For PC in 2022: Best Apps For Tracking and Monitoring Computer Users Spy Software For PC in 2022: Best Apps For Tracking and Monitoring Computer Users

Spy Software For PC in 2022: Best Apps For Tracking and Monitoring Computer Users

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Despite the rise of smartphones and other internet-enabled devices, the demand for computers remains high. Several families and businesses still opt to utilize computers... Spy Software For PC in 2022: Best Apps For Tracking and Monitoring Computer Users
Despite the rise of smartphones and other internet-enabled devices, the demand for computers remains high. Several families and businesses still opt to utilize computers at home and work. If you’re a parent, employer, or computer user, be sure to only utilize the most reliable spy software for PC in 2022. Read on as we’ll be sharing the 3 best spy software for computer monitoring. 

What Is Computer Spy Software?

Spyware causes worry and/or anxiety to owners of computers and other electronic gadgets. While such worry is justifiable, it is important to note spyware covers a broad category of purposes. There are legitimate spyware programs designed to observe data for several purposes like monitoring employees. Not all spyware is illegal or designed to harm your computer.

Many questions arise in connection to the use of computer spy software, including:

    • Will a computer software subscription be worth the money I’ll pay?
    • Are free spy software for PCs is as reliable as the paid ones?
    • Is it legal to install computer monitoring software on company computers?
    • Will a computer spy software be a good parental control tool?
    • What does the law say about utilizing someone’s webcam or computer microphone to spy on them?

If you are wondering the same things or have other questions, read on and find out more about computer spy software.


Why You Need To Use Spy Apps To Track Your Computer

Situations in which spyware on a PC may be useful to you

Free computer spy software or free computer spying programs are something that holds great appeal, although not always for the right reason. There’s no denying spy software is utilized for illegal purposes or to commit cyber crimes. Even so, this doesn’t negate the fact spy software and monitoring apps are useful. Keep in mind malicious software or malware is a different breed from legitimate spy software.

Probably one of the most known uses of spy software is to gather of data in connection with personalized advertisements. Spyware can also be utilized in tracking your loved ones and keeping them safe. Yes, spy software is even helpful for everyday device users.

Here are two great reasons why you should get the best PC spy software:

Kid Monitoring

Kids nowadays usually have their own gadgets including smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. It seems the days of having one family computer are gone. This is, of course, a good thing in many ways.

Unfortunately, the benefits of technology use come with downsides. For one, kids could spend hours in front of their computers doing things from simple web surfing to streaming to gaming. That is a cause of concern for parents due to its effect on one’s health. Also, unmonitored screen time can expose kids to inappropriate content or get them tangled with shady people and/or activities. For instance, they might unwittingly share sensitive data that could lead to blackmail or identity theft.

A paid or free PC spy software can help in keeping track of your kid’s online and other computer activities. The ability to keep track of your kids’ digital life will certainly allow you to connect more with them. Also, it will provide peace of mind by keeping an eye on their activities.

Employee Monitoring

Businesses today certainly have company computers. Almost everything, after all, has now been digitized – from back-office tasks to connecting with suppliers and clients to websites. This has certainly made for more streamlined office processes, wider reach, and smooth-running business operations.

Then some employees might utilize company computers for personal reasons. Some might visit inappropriate sites, send inappropriate messages, and/or post something scandalous. While such mistakes cannot be undone, there are ways to ensure such things won’t happen again or happen in the first place.

Install spy software on company computers to ensure they are not misused. This can also encourage employees to be more mindful in doing their jobs and in increasing their productivity.


How Do I Install Spy Software On My Computer?

Instructions for installing spyware on a computer

By now, you’ve probably realized that a reliable computer and laptop spy software is the answer to, ‘how to spy on someone’s computer without them knowing’. Just keep in mind such software must be utilized responsibly. Also, be sure to check local or state laws that may govern spyware usage in your area. There are certainly several computer spy softwares free or paid currently available on the market. It is only a matter of choosing one that meets your needs and budget.

There is no need to be hesitant in purchasing spy software just because you are not tech-savvy. Spy and monitoring software typically utilizes cutting-edge technology and are user-friendly. In most cases, spy software can be installed and utilized in just three easy steps.

    1. Download The Software – For paid software, signing up for a subscription or paying a one-time fee is necessary. The software is downloadable immediately after purchasing.
    2. Install The Software – The software typically comes with step-by-step instructions. Just follow the provided instructions to successfully install the software.
    3. Sign-In and Start Monitoring – After installation, sign in to your account and start monitoring the target computer. Keep track of your kids’ and/or employees’ activities anytime, anywhere.


What PC Operating Systems Can Spy Apps Be Installed On?

How spyware works on Windows and Mac

Choosing the best spy software for PC is certainly a crucial decision to make. With the wide array of choices available on the market, deciding on one takes some research.

Several factors must be taken into consideration like ensuring the product fits your needs. In connection to this, cross-check the features supported by the spy software with what you need to monitor.

Another essential factor often overlooked is compatibility. Some go ahead with a purchase without checking whether it actually works on the computer they wish to monitor. It is important to note there are spy software programs which only work on particular computer operating systems. Here’s a list of operating systems most of the best PC spyware programs can be installed on.

    • Microsoft Windows
      • Windows 7
      • Windows 8
      • Windows 10
      • Windows Vista
      • WindowsXP
      • Windows NT
      • Windows 200x
    • Mac OS
      • OS X 10.6
      • OS X 10.10 Yosemite
      • OS 10.14 (Mojave)
      • OS 10.15 (Catalina)
    • Linux OS
      • Debian-based
      • RPM-based
      • 64-bit OS or latest LTS
    • Raspberry Pi devices

Spy software also works on the following:

    • Citrix
    • VDI
    • VMWare Horizon
    • Terminal Server deployments


Features of Computer Spy Applications

List of data that allows you to track spyware applications

Probably the greatest consideration in choosing a spy and monitoring software is the supported features. As previously mentioned, there are free and paid spyware programs available on the market. Often, paid software to spy on a computer offers a free trial. Some spyware may appear steep but if you truly want an efficient, reliable, and accurate service, then the best spy software is worth it.

The supported features and overall services may vary depending on the spyware and whether it is a paid or free software. For example, some may provide a computer camera spy feature while some may not. The best spyware allows people to monitor the following data along with other services.


Keep track of every application or game running on the computer. This will include the length of time the application is utilized and whether it is being utilized or just running idle. Some software also allows application filtering and blocking.


Tracking a device’s location is perfect for laptop computers of employees who work remotely. Spyware can provide the IP address and the approximate location of the device. Some spyware even allows you to view the location on a map.


You can view file data including the file name, and timestamp. Also view files that were copied, deleted, printed, and/or renamed.

Computer Session

Computer sessions can be recorded including the active time, idle time, when it started, and when it ended.

Web Activities

Keep track of a computer’s web browser history. This includes information on websites visited (start time; stop time) and online searches via search engines (word/phrase searched; timestamp; website they accessed from the search results). Also filter the accessible websites such as excluding adult content.

Keystroke Logging

Spyware also records keystrokes and when they occurred. Set specific words or phrases that cannot be entered by users, and receive alerts if done so.


Set the time when the computer can be utilized and for how long. This will specifically help children from overusing their computers.

24/7 Remote Access

The best spy apps provide real-time reports and monitoring. Users typically have an online account that’s accessible anytime, anywhere.


What Data Can PC Spy Apps Track?

Data Tracking Spy Apps for PC

Installing the best spy software for PC would provide you full remote control access to the target device. It’s like hosting a virtual private network (VPN) and having access to connected computers.

Aside from providing device and internet security, you can acquire data and track activities at your convenience.

Installed and Running Tools/Apps

See installed third-party tools and apps, including social media platforms. If the user installed a messaging app one a computer, you can view all sent and received messages. You’ll also get access to the profiles and personal information of the user and saved contacts on the said app. The PC spyware records all activities and interactions, so, even if certain logs are deleted, you will get a copy viewable on the online dashboard.

Saved and Downloaded Files

Get access to all files stored on the computer you’re monitoring. You’ll obtain exact copies of saved and downloaded files – from songs to photos to videos to documents. This is one of the reasons why PC spyware is great for tracking and monitoring and data recovery.

Web Searches and Visits

See the complete list of a computer’s search history regardless of the web browser or search engine utilized. Yes, even if the users clear their cache or browsing history, you will still obtain a copy. This includes keyword searches, website URLs, frequency of visits, and timestamps.

Alerts and Notifications

The computer monitoring software logs every alert and notification, regardless of where it’s triggered from. Such programs enable people to customize settings and an alert would be prompted should there be any attempt to change. Aside from these custom activity alerts, you can see notifications from installed third-party apps, cloud-based accounts, and web pages.

Keystrokes and IP Address Locations

All keystrokes are logged, regardless of where the keys are being typed. You can view the keystrokes themselves and the window or page where they are being typed in, the number of keystrokes, and the date and time the keystrokes are made. Though computers are rarely moved physically, IP addresses are being logged every time the computer is used. So, even when the computer is connected to a private network, the IP address and location of the device are recorded.

Possible Threats and Upgrades

As previously mentioned, computer tracking tools can be utilized for monitoring and as additional security. Such software offers parental controls and security settings that significantly help in identifying issues and vulnerabilities. Through these apps, you also get real-time notifications in case of a threat or a needed upgrade.


The Best Spy Software For PC Tracking in 2022

The digital experts here, at, are on the constant hunt for the latest software and most promising technological innovations. While scouring the market, we’ve come across various tools that enable people to spy on a computer remotely, freely, and silently.

After a series of tests and studies, here are the 3 best computer spy software programs we’ve identified.


SentryPC for tracking PC

SentryPC was initially launched in 2001 as a basic time management and user control software under the name of Access Control Software. After a few years of collaborations, enhancements, innovations, and rebranding, it became the Sentry PC – a total package solution for businesses, schools, families, and anyone looking to monitor and regulate computer usage.

SentryPC is designed to work with Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT, and 200x) and Mac (OS X 10.6+ and all macOS). In just 3 quick and easy steps – download, install, and sign in – you’ll gain real-time and remote access to the computer activities being monitored.

Being true to its promise, it’s packed with beneficial features for activity monitoring, content filtering, and time scheduling. By simply signing in to your cloud-based account, you can:

    • View user activities in real-time
    • Operate in complete stealth
    • Manage any number of computers and users
    • See all attempts to access blocked activities
    • Download in-depth reports
    • Create comprehensible charts
    • Download archives
    • And more!

SentryPC is available in 3 different packages:

    1. Basic Plan – Manage 1 PC ; $59.95 annual fee.
    2. Business 50 – Manage 50 PCs ; $995.00 annual fee.
    3. Business 100 – Manage 100 PCs ; $1,595.00 annual fee.

All packages are instantly downloaded upon purchase, and they come with free lifetime updates and access to online support.


Teramind for tracking PC

Teramind is a global provider of employee monitoring, user behavior analytics, insider threat detection, forensics, and data loss prevention software solutions. Since its initial launch in 2014, it’s now trusted by and affiliated with over 2,000 organizations.

Teramind supports Microsoft Windows 7 and up, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and up, Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina) and Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave), Citrix, VDI, VMWare Horizon, and Terminal Server deployments. Teramind solutions are also available in Cloud, private cloud, and on-premise deployment options.

Teramind is packed with features that provide business owners peace of mind. Depending on the package you avail of, you’ll gain access to:

    • Employee productivity analysis
    • User behavior analytics
    • Smart rules and automated alerts
    • Live view and history playback
    • Remote desktop control
    • Optical character recognition
    • Website monitoring
    • Email monitoring
    • File transfer tracking
    • Instant message monitoring
    • Keystroke logger
    • Printed document tracking

Teramind has 3 different packages for its Cloud and On-Premise options.

    1. Teramind Starter – Main features include screen recording, live view, and website/apps tracking. Cost: As low as $5.33 per user per month for cloud options and $3.66 per user per month for on-premise options.
    2. Teramind UAM – Main features include user activity monitoring, audit, forensics, UBA, policies, and rules. Cost: As low as $11.11 per user per month for cloud options and $7.68 per user per month for on-premise options.
    3. Teramind DLP – Main features include those also offered in the UAM package plus content-based data exfiltration rules. Cost: As low as $13.33 per user per month for cloud options and $9.20 per user per month for on-premise options.


RemotePC for tracking PC

RemotePC by iDrive, Inc. is designed to provide remote access for schools and businesses and IT support. Its remote access and control solutions are now trusted by over 500 well-known and established companies.

RemotePC is compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Mac OS Mojave, Mac OS Catalina, Debian-based and RPM-based Linux OS (64-bit OS or latest LTS), Raspberry Pi devices, and Windows OS. It offers remote access via desktop, web, mobile, or Chromebook.

RemotePC is packed with features that provide people 24/7 remote access to computers and the freedom to work from anywhere.

    • Always-ON remote access
    • One-time instant access for your associates
    • Secured with TLS v 1.2/ AES-256 encryption
    • Scalable plans
    • Effortless file transfers and remote printing
    • Instant messages between computers
    • Remote rebooting, recording, and music/sound playing
    • Virtual collaboration and online whiteboard
    • Comprehensible logs and reports

RemotePC offers remote support with unlimited technicians for $49.95 in your first year. It offers 4 different remote access packages:

    1. Consumer (one user license) – Access 2 computers for $29.62 in your first year.
    2. SOHO (unlimited user licenses) – Access 10 computers for $52.12 in your first year.
    3. Team (unlimited user licenses) – Access 50 computers for $187.12 in your first year with a 7-day free trial.
    4. Enterprise (unlimited user licenses) – Access 100 computers for $374.62 in your first year with a 7-day free trial.


Best Cell Phone Spy Apps For 2022

As a bonus, we’ve also reviewed some tools that let people view activities and spy on text messages free from a computer or any internet-enabled device. If your children or employees are also utilizing mobile devices you wish to monitor or track, here are some of the best cell phone spy apps.

Auto Forward

Auto Forwards lets users monitor phone activities without having physical access to the target device. You can access extracted device information from an online account which is accessible from any internet-enabled device, even computers.

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is designed to work with any iOS or Android device. It provides enhanced GPS tracking and offers accurate keylogging features. It captures all sent and received messages, chats, and emails.

DDI Utilities

DDI Utilities is programmed to dig deep into the target device without being detected. This spy app monitors activity logs, and backs up and retrieves files that are deleted, lost, or inaccessible.


PhoneSpector offers various monitoring features for a one-time payment only. The packages offered also come with free lifetime upgrades and 24/7 access to customer/tech support. It can access activities within the target phone and third-party apps.

Easy Spy

This spyware uses complex codes for real-time monitoring but its interface remains to be user-friendly. Easy Spy is simple to install, access, and navigate. It’s designed with people in mind, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

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