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Is Using Spy Software on your Employees Ethical? Is Using Spy Software on your Employees Ethical?

Is Using Spy Software on your Employees Ethical?

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If you’re a boss, you know the struggle of managing your employees. There’s always the constant worry of if your employees are... Is Using Spy Software on your Employees Ethical?

If you’re a boss, you know the struggle of managing your employees. There’s always the constant worry of if your employees are enjoying their job, and if they are being productive and efficient. So, how can you keep track of them? Well, many employers are turning to spy software to monitor their employees.

Using spy software and apps is a controversial topic in the workplace. Should an employer be allowed to monitor their employees’ cell phones? Is it ethical?

Pros and Cons of Using Spy Software on Employees



  • Make Sure They’re Not Wasting Time

A huge and growing problem in the workplace is employees taking advantage of their work hours. Employers want to know if the work is getting done on time and if not, why isn’t it? It may be because the employees are on their cell phone too much texting, calling, and on social media. Unless you use a special software like Auto Forward, it’s hard to keep track of what your employees are up to. Through the software, you can see the target cell phone’s texts, call log, and social media activity.

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Stop workplace conflict with spy software


  • Prevent Workplace Conflict

Using spy software on your employees can help avoid workplace conflict. By being able to see employees’ texts, you can see if there might possibly be a conflict brewing among your staff. If you see the warning signs early enough, you can prevent workplace conflict!

  • Help Improve Employee Productivity and Efficiency

By knowing what your employees are up to on their smartphone devices, you can use that information to increase workplace productivity and efficiency. If your employees are spending too much time texting or on social media, you can let them know and they will be more aware of it in the future.

By being able to see employees’ phone activities, you can get a look at their interests and hobbies. As a boss, you can possibly come up with an office addition like an air hockey table, that would motivate them and show you care.

If your business involves your employees being out in the field, you can track your employee’s location using spy software. That way, you can make sure they are sticking to their assigned location area. With GPS location data, you may even be able to improve their field work efficiency by recommending different and faster driving routes.


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Do you have privacy at work?


  • Invasion of Privacy

Many people believe they’re entailed to privacy in regards to their phone activities. If employees are using a company phone, monitoring it is understandable. However, if the phone is an employee’s personal cell phone, employers shouldn’t have access to it. Work and personal lives should be separate, and it’s up to the employee what they want to share about their personal lives. 

  • No Workplace Trust

A majority of employees feel if their employer is monitoring them with spy software, they don’t trust them. How can an employer trust them if they are being invasive by spying on their cell phones? In return, how can an employee trust their employer? A lack of trust between employer and employees isn’t good for any work environment.

Bottom Line: There are both Pros and Cons to the question, Is Using Spy Software on your Employees Ethical?

My Opinion: If the cell phones used by employees are provided by the company, I believe it’s ethical for an employer to use spy software. However, if employees use their personal cell phones, employers should not have access to them.

What do you think? If you are Pro spy software, read why monitoring your employees will increase their productivity

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