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Spy on iPhone Calls: Top 5 Most Reliable Spy Apps for 2022 Spy on iPhone Calls: Top 5 Most Reliable Spy Apps for 2022

Spy on iPhone Calls: Top 5 Most Reliable Spy Apps for 2022

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Several iPhone users prefer using its built-in Phone app over third-party apps that offer free voice and video calling. After all, the... Spy on iPhone Calls: Top 5 Most Reliable Spy Apps for 2022

Several iPhone users prefer using its built-in Phone app over third-party apps that offer free voice and video calling. After all, the iPhone’s call feature provides instant and convenient communication. Its straightforward calling process encourages most business owners to utilize this method in reaching out to their customers instead of downloading other apps or software.

So, when spying on an iPhone, be sure to also check on any activity initiated within built-in iPhone applications. Choose a spy app, tracker app, or recorder that perfectly suits your needs. To help you achieve the desired results while spying, we’ve hunted for the most efficient iPhone trackers and recorders. Feel free to choose any spy call iPhone tracker from our list below.


Why Do I Need To Collect An iPhone Call History Using Spy Apps?

An iPhone spy software records call logs – incoming or outgoing – without interrupting other installed or running applications. There may be varying reasons why a user opts to install an iPhone monitoring app, but one must never utilize it for malicious intentions. Such tracker apps are designed for mere monitoring, not for data exploitation.

An iPhone call tracker and recorder software are ideal for:


Kids use phone calling for faster and more real-time communication with friends. Unfortunately, they could fall victim to spam calls, social engineering, or even cyberbullying. As parents, you could protect them from unwanted or inappropriate conversations with the help of a reliable call spy app. Such iPhone trackers also give you an idea of whom your kids are communicating with.


Several business owners issue devices with work-related applications to drive productivity and increase turnaround time. Most industries still use phone calls to reach out to their target audience, set appointments, confirm transactions, follow-up on proposals, and more. If this applies to you, be sure to utilize a tracker or recorder that’s compatible with all iPhone and Android devices. These tools help you validate that company-issued gadgets aren’t misused or mishandled.


How To Quickly Track iPhone Calls

An elite spy on iPhone app remotely accesses data on the target device. Such a tracker is undetectable, and it silently feeds into the cloud all gathered information. This includes call logs, text messages, browser history, iPhone GPS location, phone activities, and more.

Instantly start spying on iPhone calls as soon as you’ve completed these three easy steps.

Step 1: Download

Once you’ve decided which iPhone activity and call recorder software is best, start the installation process. Make sure to opt for a jailbreak-free product and allows for remote installation.

Step 2: Activate

Once downloaded, you’ll be provided a code that will be needed to fully activate the spy app. This step is necessary for the iPhone tracker/recorder to function as programmed.

Step 3: Access

After activation is complete, start monitoring calls, messages, social media apps, and any other activities on the target iPhone device.


Where Can I View An iPhone’s Detailed Call Log History?

Paid/free spy apps typically provide remote access or online accounts where the user can view all acquired information from the target iPhone. Such hidden iPhone trackers and recorders silently generate and automatically feed data into the spy app’s cloud. The user can then view and generate reports on a dashboard.

Though iPhone trackers and spy apps utilize complex algorithms and multi-layered codes, they offer a comprehensible interface, allowing users to easily interpret all significant information. These usually have streamlined categorizing features and organized reporting capacity.

In most cases, a free/paid iPhone call tracker/recorder allows you to view all details concerning any incoming or outgoing calls on the target phone.

    • Phone Numbers
    • Contacts
    • Time and Date of Calls
    • Call Duration
    • Answered and Missed Calls


5 Best iPhone Call Spy Apps for 2022 is tirelessly scouring the market to search for the newest iPhone applications. Our digital specialists have thoroughly checked each call tracker and spy app we’ve come across. All iPhone call recorders have been downloaded and tested to ensure that our feedback roots from firsthand experiences. 

While some iPhone call spy software programs offer free services, we assure you that these paid packages offer great value for your money. Each hidden spy call iPhone tracker simultaneously logs each activity, providing a hassle-free call spying experience. We then narrowed down hundreds of iPhone tracking tools into the 5 best call recorder apps. Hence, whatever your reason may be for using one, be sure to install the best spy app for iPhone.

Auto Forward

Auto Forward call tracker works with all iPhone models and iOS versions and offers a jailbreak-free installation process. It can spy on any incoming or outgoing call activities including contact name, number, date, and time. It requires minimal effort by the user, making it one of the best parenting tools. 

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile’s call activity recorder feature is the ultimate way to keep children safe and employees productive. This hidden spy software for iPhones can access all logged calls along with the time and duration. This tracker and spy app also offers free lifetime upgrades. 

DDI Utilities

DDI Utilities iPhone call tracker/recorder is designed to provide remote spying without the need for physical access to the target device. It utilizes the best and newest technologies to ensure a hassle-free call activity tracking experience. Its Pro package includes the advanced feature of incoming call restriction.


PhoneSpector is a hidden spy software that captures every activity on the target iPhone including incoming and outgoing calls. It’s a spy, tracker, and recorder tool in one, which can be availed via one-time payment.

Easy Spy

Easy Spy iPhone tracker is one of the best phone activity recorder tools that offer a straightforward and simple interface. With its jailbreak-free installation process, you can immediately start browsing through call logs right after availing of the product.

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