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Spy Instagram on iPhone: Top 5 Most Trusted Apps for 2022 Spy Instagram on iPhone: Top 5 Most Trusted Apps for 2022

Spy Instagram on iPhone: Top 5 Most Trusted Apps for 2022

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Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms. Like most social media apps, Instagram can be accessed on any iPhone... Spy Instagram on iPhone: Top 5 Most Trusted Apps for 2022

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms. Like most social media apps, Instagram can be accessed on any iPhone or Android phone. Or by using any other device that can access the internet.

The app’s key feature is photo sharing, making it a great venue for photography professionals and enthusiasts. Users can react or comment on posts and stories, as well as send direct messages (DMs) to one another.

Instagram’s popularity, however, is the same reason why cybercriminals use this for their malicious intentions. Like most social apps, this is susceptible to catfishing, fake news, cyberbullying, malware, and the like. Good thing, there are various security measures you can take to prevent such things from happening.

For instance, using spy apps can give you real-time access to any activities or messages. Making it easier to identify and address any issues. Today, we’ll be sharing with you the 5 best tools in 2022 that work with all iPhones.


Spy Apps to Track Instagram on iPhone: Target Users

iPhone Instagram spy apps could be beneficial for parents and employers alike. Such programs can significantly help ensure kid safety and drive employee productivity. Though users have varying reasons for installing spy apps, most of these are specifically designed for:

Child Monitoring

Even kids are hooked to Instagram because of its unique photo-sharing features. Though there are built-in parental controls within social networking apps like Instagram, kids could still be exposed to inappropriate content. Or potentially fall victims to catfishing schemes and cyberbullying. Having remote access to their messages, posts, and other activities can allow you to steer them away from such situations.

Employee Monitoring

Several entrepreneurs nowadays have fully incorporated technology into their marketing strategies and business operations. Some utilize social media posts and messages to further establish their brands and broaden their reach. This is why most business owners issue iPhones, Androids, and other devices to their employees, especially to their digital marketing team. Hence, it would be wise to utilize apps that can efficiently spy on Instagram accounts.


Instagram Spy App: Navigation Steps

iPhone monitoring apps utilize multi-tiered algorithms to function properly. However, though such apps make use of complex codes and command messages, these are usually designed with simple and straightforward interfaces. This is why even the less tech-savvy users can easily monitor iPhone activities and social media messages.

In just 3 quick and easy steps, you can instantly start to spy on Instagram accounts.


In most cases, downloads don’t require physical access to or jailbreaking of the target device. After selecting the spy tool you want simply click on the download button on the product provider’s website.


To complete the installation process, you’ll need to enter an activation code/key. This license is usually sent through email, and it comes with a complete manual to help you finish the setup.


After completing the activation process, you should be given a personal dashboard. This could be in the form of an online account, a cloud-based control panel, or a separate remote access app. This is where you can view or download all the acquired data.


Instagram Spy tool: Supported iPhone Models

Monitoring apps that could spy on Instagram messages and activities are usually programmed to work well with any electronic device. iPhone tracking apps, for instance, are compatible with most iPhone models and iOS versions.

  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5
  • iOS 7-15 (all versions)


Instagram Spy Private: Accessible Data

After installing a tracking tool for Instagram on iPhone, you will gain instant and remote access to all activities, messages, and data from the device. Such iPhone apps are programmed to spy on someone’s Instagram account and retrieve even deleted messages or logs.

You’ll get access to the following information when you use an iPhone Instagram spy tool.

  • User details (name, username, website, bio, profile picture)
  • Followers list
  • Following users/accounts
  • Post and stories
  • Reacts and comments
  • Direct messages (sent/received messages & saved/deleted messages)
  • Video chat rooms and call logs
  • Search history
  • All exchanged multimedia files


Instagram Spy Apps: Inclusive Features

iPhone social media monitoring apps cannot only spy on Instagram messages and activities but also offer several other features. This is why iPhone tracking apps could be great parental control tools, too. Aside from having real-time access to shared stories, post updates, and direct messages, you will also get these features.

  • Remote Installation and Uninstall
  • Search Alerts
  • Stealth Camera Access
  • Remote Phone Locking
  • GPS on Command
  • Live Control Panel
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades


Spy on Instagram Account: 5 Best Tools in 2022

Our digital experts here, at, have been on the lookout for the best spy apps to track Instagram on iPhone. We’ve taken into consideration various factors to provide a safer online experience across social media apps like Instagram. We’ve tried and tested various iPhone Instagram spy apps to ensure we only recommend the worthiest ones. We’ve handpicked those that cannot only monitor current messages and posts but also those that have been deleted as well.

Select one from our list of iPhone spy apps below, and start securing your kid’s or your employees’ Instagram use.

Auto Forward

This can access all messages and content from various social media apps like Instagram. It feeds all acquired data on your dashboard exactly how they appear on the target iPhone/account.

Highster Mobile

This Instagram spy app can view all sent and received messages, links, pictures, videos, and more. It enables you to spy on your child’s Instagram activities without having physical access to the target device.

DDI Utilities

This iPhone social media tracker can retrieve even lost or deleted data. Including messages, call logs, search histories, and so much more. Like most apps, this Instagram spy tool silently extracts and uploads information without being detected.


This Instagram spy app lets you see your child’s Instagram direct messages, posts, photos, videos, and more. This could also be a great spy tool to ensure company-issued devices and accounts aren’t misused or mishandled.

Easy Spy

This is one of the iPhone spy apps that feature a straightforward and streamlined dashboard. All Instagram account information like messages, posts, and followers are arranged into comprehensible reports. It’s easy to use and easy to navigate.

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