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Spy Apps On iPhone: 5 Best Apps For Tracking Phones 2022 Spy Apps On iPhone: 5 Best Apps For Tracking Phones 2022

Spy Apps On iPhone: 5 Best Apps For Tracking Phones 2022

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Easy to recognize, simple user experience, better hardware integration, consistent, fast, and intuitive - these are a few of the many reasons... Spy Apps On iPhone: 5 Best Apps For Tracking Phones 2022

Easy to recognize, simple user experience, better hardware integration, consistent, fast, and intuitive – these are a few of the many reasons why users opt for iPhone devices over Androids. Though the iPhone lacks in software and application customization, several reviews still show it’s “the best” due to the support and security that it provides. 

It doesn’t mean, however, there’s no chance to know about someone’s iPhone app activities. There are various spy apps for iPhone that allow you to view data and activities without the need to jailbreak the target device. Some iPhone spy software programs offer basic app spying services free of charge while others require a one-time payment. 

We’ve tried and tested several monitoring apps to ensure only the best spy apps for iPhones are recommended. So, read on for a complete guide in choosing and using a spy app.


Reasons To Install A Spy App on iPhone

Users have varying reasons for installing a monitoring app. Some look for a free iPhone spy app for one-off tracking. Others consider the features if planning on using a program for a long period. 

Regardless of what your reason is, be sure to adhere to all applicable federal and state laws. For a conflict-free experience, do not use any acquired information for malicious intentions. Never sell or exploit any generated data to third parties. Always handle all received reports with the utmost care and confidentiality.

A spy app offers several useful features that offer hassle-free tracking and monitoring. Here are the usual instances where installing spy software is necessary.

For Parents

Kids use their iPhones texting and on social media sites where they could be exposed to cyberbullying, hacking, identity theft, and other online threats. Hence, reviewing their social media app usage could significantly help in protecting them from cyber threats. A trusted tracking app can be your reliable parenting partner.

For Employers

In this modern era, many business operations are digitized. Businesses use iPhones to communicate with customers via email, text message, and phone call. A reliable monitoring app is necessary to ensure employees do not abuse or mishandle any company-issued device. However, all staff must know about and provide their permission to be monitored at work. 


What Data Can Be Tracked Using Spy Apps For iPhone?

When you browse through online reviews about device monitoring apps, the most favored ones usually highlight the same thing – the seemingly endless features offer. The top apps usually boast cutting-edge technologies and advanced algorithms. After all, when choosing any product or service, a wise consumer should always consider the value it provides. 

The same is true with the best tracking apps. Since the ultimate goal is to monitor someone, be sure to check out features relating to iPhones. It also helps to look into the other inclusive services like jailbreak-free installation, free upgrades, customer support, and the like.

iPhone spy apps offer various features that can efficiently access all activities within the target phone. In most cases, when you install a trusted and reliable iPhone monitoring app, free trial, or a paid version, you’ll get access to the following information.

    • Exact copies of conversations through iMessage and messaging apps.
    • Call logs including date, time, and duration of calls.
    • Contact lists on the device and other third-party apps.
    • Current and previous GPS locations.
    • Social media app activities including posts, stories, messages, and more.
    • Sent, received, and stored multimedia files.
    • Browser history including visited websites, accessed content, and searches. 
    • Full diagnostics of the target device including Bluetooth connectivity, battery life, and data usage.


iPhone Models Compatible with Spy Apps

The most efficient spy apps for iPhone usually don’t require jailbreaking to function properly. Such premium apps are programmed to work with almost all electronic gadgets to provide hassle-free data retrieval. These spy apps are designed with algorithms that are compatible with any network, system, or software. They are meant to function efficiently regardless of the brand or model of the device being monitored.

When looking for a tracking app, be sure to thoroughly validate the compatibility. Some offer a free trial before availing a paid package; it will greatly help to utilize such features first to have a full grasp of how a certain app works. Reading trusted reviews, like this one, also are a great help.

The best iPhone spy apps are compatible with:

    • iPhone 5 – 12 (all models)
    • iPad (all)
    • iOS 7-14 (all versions)


Do I Need To Jailbreak The iPhone To Install A Spy App?

Jailbreaking refers to the removal of restrictions imposed by Apple on all its operating systems. Through a series of kernel patches, a user’s privileges are escalated during jailbreaking, providing additional access to built-in apps, networks, systems, or software. Despite all these positive effects, jailbreaking also has a fair share of negative impacts. It could expose the target iPhone to various cyber threats, and forfeits the manufacturer’s warranty.

This is one of the reasons why most users prefer to spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking. They get a tracking app that enables them to spy on iPhone with just the number or to spy on iPhone by just knowing the Apple ID and password.

Most iPhone spy apps offer various monitoring features even without the need to jailbreak the target device. Device and app activities covered by jailbreak-free monitoring include: 

    • iMessages
    • Emails
    • Third-Party Chat Messages
    • Call History
    • Contact Lists
    • GPS Location
    • Certain Social Media Activities
    • Multimedia Files
    • Website Visits
    • Browser Search History
    • Installed and Running Apps


iPhone Spy App Installation Process

A spy app for iPhone usually consists of complex codes and algorithms. Nevertheless, a spy app for iPhone – undetectable and reliable – showcases a simple interface. From installation to monitoring, such apps offer straightforward processes.

Most monitoring apps allow users to spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking the target device. Also, the best spy apps offer a hassle-free installation process, allowing users to start iPhone app monitoring in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Purchase and Download

Choose which iPhone tracking app suits your needs (select from our list below). Visit their website and contact the customer support team to learn more. Once a decision is made, purchase the app you desire. 

Step 2: Install and Activate

Upon availing of the spy app of your choice, you’ll receive the complete installation manual (usually via email) with the activation code. Most apps allow jailbreak-free and over-the-air installation. With iPhones, typically you need the Apple ID and passwords associated with the target device.

Step 3: Access and Review

Depending on the monitoring app you’ve installed, you’ll be provided an online account or a remote access app. This is where you can view the device’s data and activities, or even generate and download reports.


5 Best iPhone Tracking Apps of 2022 is constantly hunting for the latest technological advancements and the newest apps. We aim to provide reliable insights and trusted reviews on trending system software and mobile applications. All products are thoroughly inspecting to ensure we only release accurate reviews. 

We have identified the best spy apps for iPhones. We’ve taken into consideration various features and factors to determine the most efficient iPhone spy apps available in the market today. 

For more convenient monitoring, feel free to choose the best spy app for iPhone from our below list of the top 5 spy apps.

Auto Forward

This monitoring app provides instant access to an iPhone’s texts, calls, files, social media apps, GPS, and more. You get to utilize all this app’s amazing features without the need to jailbreak the target device. This spy app is best for child and employee monitoring as it’s easy to set-up, access, and navigate. Moreover, the Auto Forward app works well with all iPhones and iPads.

Highster Mobile

This iPhone spy app only requires a one-time payment that includes free lifetime upgrades. You can find several positive reviews about this app as it’s reliable and efficient. It can extract iPhone data and generate a copy of any recovered files. Hence, Highster Mobile software is best for broken or lost iPhones or iPads, deleted or corrupted important files, and failed iOS updates.

DDI Utilities

This iPhone spy app is designed to dig deep into the target device to recover even deleted information. Its best features include no-jailbreak installation, undetectable monitoring, remote access, and compatibility with all iOS devices. DDI Utilities app allows iPhone data recovery by simply logging in using the Apple account credentials.


This monitoring app enables iPhone tracking without access to the target device or the need to jailbreak it. It offers various features that best suit an employer or a parent’s needs. This spy software can access iMessages, contacts, call logs, GPS location, media, Safari browsing history, social media app activities, and more. PhoneSpector provides real-time access to the target device’s data.

Easy Spy

This spy app has one of the best interfaces – it’s sleek, simple, and straightforward. Its iPhone monitoring and filtering features can be utilized in just a few clicks after availing of the package of your choice. The Easy Spy tracking app is compatible with almost all Apple devices and iOS versions. 

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