5 Signs You’re Micro-Cheating In Your Relationship


Everyone knows what cheating in a relationship is. However, do you know that you can micro-cheat on your partner? Micro-cheating is made up of actions that show you are emotionally or physically focused on someone other than your partner. It’s a new cheating term many people in relationships are guilty of (even if they don’t realize it). Over time, small acts of micro-cheating can lead to problems in a relationship.

So, how can you know if you’re micro-cheating in your relationship? See if you are showing any of these signs.

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5 Signs You’re Micro-Cheating


Flirting With Another

A little harmless flirting can’t count as cheating, right? Wrong! If you are flirting with someone other than your partner, you are micro-cheating. Even though flirting is natural when you are physically attracted to another person, constant flirting can lead to developing feelings.


Constantly Interacting With Someone On Social Media

Ever find yourself constantly liking, commenting on, and sharing someone’s social media posts? It may seem harmless, but it is considered micro-cheating. You’re spending time being emotionally invested in another’s life and what they are up to. This could also be an underlying sign you aren’t emotionally invested in your own relationship.


Use Nicknames and Inside Jokes With Others

In most relationships, couples have nicknames for one another and inside jokes others wouldn’t understand. What happens when you use nicknames or have inside jokes with others? Well, it diminishes the emotional value of your relationship. You’re demonstrating that you put the same or even more emotional effort into your relationships with others than with your partner. Plus, having secret inside jokes your partner doesn’t know about shows you don’t completely trust them.   


Keeping Secrets From Your Partner

Keeping secrets about someone else from your partner is the most common way to micro-cheat. The secrets could be anything from something minor to life-changing. If you are in a relationship with someone you think you will spend the rest of your life with, you don’t keep secrets. And if you do keep secrets, that means you are not sure whether or not your relationship will last.


Getting Dressed Up For Someone Else

Now, it’s not micro-cheating just getting dressed up because you feel like it. When you get dressed up knowing you will be seeing or meeting with someone specific, that’s micro-cheating. You may just want to dress to impress someone or dress up to meet someone you find physically attractive.


Do you show any of these signs? Then you are micro-cheater! Do you think your partner is the one micro-cheating on you? See who they’re in contact with by doing a phone search.


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