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Searching For Your Ex Online

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  We’ve all been there. We’ve been dumped. Or maybe we did the dumping. Now, we’re curious about our exes. Many of us are guilty... Searching For Your Ex Online


We’ve all been there. We’ve been dumped. Or maybe we did the dumping. Now, we’re curious about our exes. Many of us are guilty of the late night drive by past an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend’s house. Or maybe we deleted their contact information and now we’re using a phone number lookup free to look up that random number.

Most of these feelings stem from our own insecurities: we want to know that the person we left behind, or who left us behind, is doing worse than we are. Did she 10 gain pounds? Is he dating a hag? Is she never leaving her apartment, just bathed in her own misery? Good. I can go about my day now.

It’s human nature to be curious. The problem is, you might not like what you find.

There’s always a chance that you can find just the opposite: that your ex is doing spectacular, has a fabulous new job, and is dating the perfect man who takes her to private exotic islands in his own jet.




Or your ex of only three months ago is getting re-married, and she invited your own sister to her wedding. Your ex and your sis were so close! And apparently, still are.

The most important thing to deal with is your OWN feelings before you begin free background checks: how will you react to whatever news you discover?

The best rule of thumb is: be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

If she lost (not gained!) 10 pounds and looks great, can you handle it? It’s understandable to not be happy for her, but if your brain immediately goes to “she never cared about her looks and weight when WE were together”, you might need to deal with those emotions first.

What if you find out that your ex-husband now has a new family? That can be the biggest blow to anyone who had to deal with infertility issues. Years of marriage with no children, and then suddenly he marries the first woman who can give him a child can be a devastating blow to any woman.


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The biggest question that most people want answered while doing a background search is: has my ex moved on? And if so, what does that person look like?

In today’s world of social media, it’s easy to find out this kind of information. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has American society sharing and oversharing their everyday lives. If you wanted to find out what your boyfriend from high school looks like, just friend request him on Facebook and find out. If you want to see what that co-worker you dated looks like, find her on Instagram. If you want to see what your exes’ tastes are in restaurants, what his political views are, or what sports he follows, just be a follower on his Twitter account.

Nothing is private on social media, and everything posted is personal.

No matter what your level of curiosity (simple social lookups, or using an extensive criminal background check online like Hero Searches to find out more), searching online will satisfy your deep and profound curiosity.

But can your heart handle it?

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