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Scams Inspired by The iPad to Watch Out  For Scams Inspired by The iPad to Watch Out  For
Recognizing  iPad scams is the best way to prevent being scammed. There are many scams iPad users should be aware of since your gadget... Scams Inspired by The iPad to Watch Out  For

Recognizing  iPad scams is the best way to prevent being scammed. There are many scams iPad users should be aware of since your gadget and personal information could be at risk.  Because users are paying closer attention to potential risk factors of using an iPad, scammers are getting more creative with how they obtain money and sensitive data from users. The following track phone points provider further insight on scams to lookout for when it comes to the iPad.

  • Getting an iPad for free. There are some legit ones but Apple isn’t a fan of free giveaways with their products.   Who doesn’t want an iPad for free?  Just to see this somewhere people get excited but curious.  In most cases the iPad isn’t free.  You may have to complete an application to qualify for the deal depending on where the deal is being offered. Legit giveaways will be through trusted reputable companies that offer plain and easy to follow details about the giveaway.
  • Tech support scam.  This scam has been a tricky one for many consumers but it has red flags to watch out for.  There are different elements to this scam that makes it complex, while allowing scammers to trick more people at a time. This scam can include pop up pages leading to fake websites and pop up boxes when trying to leave page.  Another version of the scam may include a tech support rep contacting you out of nowhere, or a third-party site suggests you contacting tech support.  The problem is most of the time you don’t need it any way and you know who to contact when you do.
  • Receive free iPad after testing a product. There were fake Facebook pages created with this scam.  In some cases the fake social media pages could still be out there.  Other times it may come through as a link from one person to another claiming you can get a free iPad if you test a product.  Social media is a common place to see these types of scams and when on a computer, it could make your computer download malware without notice. There are companies offering incentives for people who test products, but they will go about the process in a more professional manner with the people who will test their products.
  • In-App purchase option.  In-App purchases have been known to cause some issues for iPad users. In some cases they are scam related. This includes options with games that are free but cost to upgrade. Such apps of this nature you need to pay attention to since details can change once the app is downloaded and the upgrade has been paid for.  Users should also pay attention to other phone tracker app users who use their iPad to ensure they don’t make such options unless they have your permission. Users have the option to turn off in-app purchase feature.
  • Auction sites functioning like pyramid schemes. Such sites are also known as penny auctions.  Many of these types of auctions have been advertised in television commercials.  They make it sound so good and say you can get electronics for pennies on the dollar.  They make claims of bidders getting top quality name brand products such as an iPad for $15.00.  When it sounds too good to be true it probably is.  What really ends up happening is you spend more based on the bidding process.  Keep in mind such sites have additional fees you will pay when bidding is over.  Many spy cell phone commercials on television don’t mention this since they are too busy hyping up the website.

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