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The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up Parental Controls On Samsung Devices The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up Parental Controls On Samsung Devices

The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up Parental Controls On Samsung Devices

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In today’s technological society, it’s imperative that parents know and utilize all parental control features and settings on... The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up Parental Controls On Samsung Devices

In today’s technological society, it’s imperative that parents know and utilize all parental control features and settings on their children’s devices. Besides Apple, the most commonly used devices by kids today come from Samsung. Samsung has a variety of Android devices and products including: Google Play for apps, games, and more, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Samsung Tablets, Samsung Smart TVs, Galaxy Watch, Chromebook, and more. 

If your child does have a Samsung device, you must use the parental controls to restrict their access. You don’t want your child accidentally viewing inappropriate sites with adult content, or apps and videos made for those that are 17+ years old. You also want them to avoid having too much screen time and becoming addicted to social media.

So, without further ado, below are the different ways to set-up Samsung parental controls on various devices. If you are looking to set up parental controls on other devices, CLICK HERE

How To Set Up Google Play Parental Controls

In the Google Play store, parents are able to control the apps, games, movies, TV shows, books, and music their child has access to. This can be done on Samsung Galaxy phones, Samsung tablets, and Samsung Chromebooks and laptops. Below are the steps to do so. 

    • Open the Google Play store app on your child’s device. 
    • Click on the menu icon ☰ ➝ Settings  ➝ Parental controls.
    • Tap the toggle button on the top to turn on parental controls.
    • Create a PIN number needed to access your child’s Google Play parental controls. 
    • Choose the content you want to filter and restrict access accordingly.  

How To Set Up Samsung Tablet and Chromebook Parental Controls

For any Samsung Tablets or Chromebooks, you can use Google Family Link to control your child’s device. Before following the steps below, make sure both you and your child have Google accounts. Also, make sure your child’s device runs on the Android 6.0 operating system or higher, and yours runs on Android 6.0 or iOS 10.0 and higher. 

    • Download the Google Family Link for children & teens app on your child’s device. 
    • On your device, download the Android or iPhone Google Family Link for parents app. 
    • Tap Get Started and select your Google Account aka your Gmail.
    • They’ll ask you, Does your child have a google account?, choose Yes and then Next.
    • On your child’s device, open the Google Family Link app and enter the code provided on your device when prompted to do so. 
    • Now you can edit settings like screen time and app usage. 

How To Set Up Samsung Galaxy Parental Controls

With the most recent Android software update, Android Pie, came the new parental control feature, Digital Wellbeing. As part of this feature, you can limit app time usage and set a ‘do not disturb’ time. For example, you may want to set a do not disturb during your child’s bedtime, so they aren’t inclined to use their phone. If for some reason Digital Wellbeing isn’t on your child’s Galaxy device, you can download it HERE. Below are the steps to set-up each of these features. 

Wind Down Do Not Disturb:

    • Go to Settings Digital Wellbeing.
    • Tap on Wind Down.
    • Press the toggle button next to Turn on now to turn Wind Down on. 
    • Press the toggle button next to Do not disturb to turn on, if not done automatically in the previous step. 
    • Click on Do not disturb
    • Adjust the Turn on as scheduled and Allow exceptions settings the way you would like. 

App Timer(s): 

    • Tap the Settings app and scroll down to Digital Wellbeing. 
    • Click on Dashboard.
    • Scroll down and click the drop down menu to the right of the app you want to set a timer for. 
    • Set the timer for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or custom. 
    • With the app timer now set, once your child runs out of time, an on-screen pop-up will appear that says App paused

How To Set Up Samsung Smart TV Parental Controls 

There are a number of Samsung Smart TVs from the 2019 QLED series to the 49” Class M5300 Full HD TV. With whatever smart television you have, you can use these parental controls to restrict the apps, channels, shows, and movies your children watch. 

Step 1: Set your PIN

    • Open Settings General Change PIN
    • Enter the PIN you would like to use for parental controls. 

Step 2: Lock Apps

    • Open Apps Settings.
    • Scroll through the apps and choose Lock/Unlock under the ones which you want locked with your PIN. 

Step 3: Edit Broadcasting Parental Controls

    • Open Settings Broadcasting.
    • Select Programme Rating Lock, Apply Channel Lock, and Mark Adult Channels individually, and adjust the settings to your liking. You will need to enter your PIN to get access to each of these settings. 

How To Set Up Parental Controls For Samsung Laptops Running On Windows 10

Set-Up An Account:

    • Navigate to your Windows Settings. 
    • Tap on Accounts Family and other people
    • Choose Add a family member ➝ Select Add a child or Add an adult
    • Enter the person’s email account information and other information. 
    • Follow a few prompts until the set-up process is complete. 

Activate and Edit Parental Controls:

    • Go back to Accounts Family and other people
    • Select Manage family settings online. 
    • Turn on Activity reporting and Block inappropriate websites.
    • Go to the Apps, games, and media section, and turn on Block inappropriate apps and games. 
    • Continue scrolling and turn on Set limits for when my child can use devices to enable the screen time option.
    • Then, adjust those and other parental control settings accordingly. 

Other ways to protect your child while they’re using their Samsung devices include Kids Mode app, Block Site for Chrome, and third-party parental control apps. Now you know all about the Samsung parental controls available on their smart TVs, Android phones and tablets, and computers. 

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