Remote Spying Software: Prevent Yourself from Becoming a Cyber Victim

remote spying softwareNo one is safe online. There are people looking for victims online to attack and cyberbully. All devices are vulnerable to being hacked. Computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops, you name it! Many technology users are on edge with last week’s global cyber attack. More than 300,000 computers across 150 countries were hacked! This should alert consumers that there is danger online. So the question is, what steps can a person take to protect themselves online? There are many that one can take—the best being the use of remote spying software.


What is Remote Spying Software?

If you don’t know what remote spying software is, it is a software program that intercepts a cell phone’s activities without having the physical phone. Activity notifications you can receive include texts, email, social media activity, and web browsing history. All you have to do is install the software on the target device once, and then you will start getting notifications. A great spying software you can try is DDI Utilities!


How a Remote Spying Software can Prevent Hackers

remote spying software

Protect your information from hackers.

So, now that you know what remote spy software is, how can it help protect you or your loved ones?

First, you can see who someone is in contact with on social media. Specifically, you can see whether someone is friending/following legit people and not getting targeted by a scammer. Second, you can check web browsing history to make sure someone is not visiting or purchasing from any “fishy” sites. Many websites are not safe and lure people in just to hack devices and steal information. Lastly, you can check who someone is emailing. By checking someone’s emails, you can make sure they are not becoming the victim of sweepstakes, survey, or Nigerian scams.


Other Ways to Protect Yourself Online

remote spying software

Be safe while browsing online.


  • Use Strong Passwords

When you create account passwords for banks, social media, and other important sites, it’s key to have a strong password. The password must not have anything to do with you (pet name, street you live on, etc.) It should include a random combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, and be more than 12 characters long. By having a random password with no relation to anything someone can easily find out about you, it helps make your accounts safe from hackers.

  • Friend/Follow People You Know on Social Media

One way you can easily control your social media activity is friending and following people who you know or are a legit business like “Apple”. It’s common to get friend/follower requests from random people on social media. However, most of these random people are scammers, hackers, or promoting spam content. Simple rule: If you don’t know them, don’t accept their friend request!

  • Don’t Connect to Public Wi-Fi

If you are out in public, do not connect to the public wi-fi. That is a hacker’s playground! Instead, get a portable wifi device like a Jetpack or make your cell phone a mobile hotspot!

Clearly, remote spying software can help prevent you and your loved ones from becoming cyber victims. Interested in current cyber and spying news? Read about the Government spying through the CIA!

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