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When Your Relative Has a Mental Illness When Your Relative Has a Mental Illness

When Your Relative Has a Mental Illness

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Mental illnesses are, tragically, more common than anyone would like to believe. They affect millions of people globally every year. Depending on the nature... When Your Relative Has a Mental Illness

Mental illnesses are, tragically, more common than anyone would like to believe. They affect millions of people globally every year. Depending on the nature of the illness, many patients deal with the frightening reality of psychosis, erratic behavior, and so on. As a concerned relative, you can help keep your mentally ill relative with the help of technology. While cellphone tracking software may seem like an excessive step at first, it can ultimately help you track down and potentially save your mentally ill relative’s life.

When You’ll Want to Consider Installing It

If your relative has the mental capacity to reason and have an adult conversation about their personal safety, they might not necessarily need cellphone tracking software installed on their phone unless they express interest in the technology and/or the nature of their mental illness contributes to occasional states of psychosis and/or an inability to understand what’s going on. They may have anxiety or PTSD. Or they might have epilepsy or a combination of various illnesses. If they don’t want cellphone tracking software installed on their phone, don’t force the issue. Just let them know that it’s an option they might want to consider.

But in many instances, a relative might not be able to function normally or operate at a full mental capacity. This is when you’ll want to seriously consider cellphone tracking software. They might be mentally handicapped or have schizophrenia. They may have dementia or otherwise be unable to fully consent in any situation. Talk to your relative’s therapist or, if you’re not their caretaker, whoever is currently responsible for their wellbeing. Always consult laws in your area about cellphone tracking software before continuing with the installation. If your relative is capable of verbalizing consent, don’t force the software onto their personal technology but if they’re unable to verbalize prior consent due to their mental capacity, consult with other relatives before making the move.

Why It Can Be Useful

Spy gear such as hidden cameras security or cellphone tracking software has a number of powerful utilities you’ll want to consider.

For instance, cellphone tracking software can provide the GPS location of the phone and its owner. If your relative wanders off or is lost you can locate them through their cellphone location. This is perhaps the best reason to consider cellphone tracking software. When your relative is having a mental health crisis it’s not always easy to know whether or not they’re in a good situation. Sometimes, your relative might forget who they are, what they’re doing, or lose their general sense of normalcy for whatever reason. They may have a panic attack or a manic episode or have a bad side effect from medication.

Enabling cellphone tracking (when you’re not sure where they are) is key to being able to locate them and safely bring them back home with the aide of authorities. It’s unfortunately all too common for a relative with a mental health condition to go missing. But you don’t have to let your loved one become a mere statistic. Don’t let them get hurt or lost. Use cellphone tracking to locate them before someone takes advantage of them or your relative crosses state or country lines. The key is locating them, sending authorities to contact them, and bringing them home so they’re back in a safe and familiar environment.

Spygear such as a hidden camera in a senior living facility, or any type of audio surveillance within a loved one’s room, can be just the solution you need to protect your love one, and prevent possible abuse.

Even if your relative can’t say it, they’ll be grateful that you had the means to locate them before they were lost for good. Having an eye on your relative is a powerful way to ensure that you can keep them safe no matter how far away you live from them.

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